Macron Cracks on Global Warming Tax to Try to Quash Violent Revolution

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2018

The elitist pervert Emmanuel Macron has stepped back from his stated policy of never doing what the population demands of him and has backed off of his global warming tax to attempt to slow a rising movement to violently overthrow the government.


France’s PM has announced a six-month suspension of a fuel tax rise which has led to weeks of violent protests.

Edouard Philippe said the measures would not be applied before proper debate had taken place with those affected.

The protests have hit major French cities, causing considerable damage for the past three weekends.

The “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests) protests have now grown to reflect more widespread anger at the government.

Three people have died since the unrest began and the resulting violence and vandalism – notably when statues were smashed at the Arc de Triomphe last Saturday – have been widely condemned.

It is an extremely bizarre dynamic in France that has given way to this situation.

Firstly, no one wanted to elect Macron. He was elected so that the “Nazi” Marine Le Pen would not be elected. No one really knew much about him.

He then came onto the global stage at the same time as he was entering the French national stage as a leading figure, and began using his position as leader of France as a means to serve as the face of the EU and as a “moral leader of global democracy.”

He has a 25% approval rating in France and has stated that he will not change any of the policies that he decides on in response to the demands of the people. That is, he has said that he will make decrees independent of the will of the people, and never back down from any of these decrees no matter how unpopular they are. This certainly is not what most people have in mind when they think of a global figurehead of democracy. But I digress.

He cracked on the gasoline tax because he had no choice, but it is hard to say what this will mean for him going forward. He staked his reputation on the claim that he would never do the will of the people, and would only be forcing a policy agenda from above based on “principles” of “global democracy values.”

The gasoline tax was a demonstration to the world that he is willing to use behavioral conditioning on his own population through a social-engineering tax scheme. He just told people that they have to pay much more for gasoline than it actually costs, in order to attempt to force them into not driving because of his theory that people driving cars is changing the weather.

Of course, even if people driving cars is changing the weather, the French alone being forced to restructure their lives around this theory will make zero difference in the global scheme of things. So he was literally using his position as leader of France to make an example of his own people.

This is like the Joker intimidating you by murdering his own henchmen.

Not a perfect analogy, but the same basic concept.

It’s obvious that this guy has an agenda being fed to him by the EU as he moves to become the de facto figurehead of that organization as Mama Merkel is forced out in disgrace. But he really does not seem competent to enforce this agenda.

I think at this point, the yellow vest movement has gained enough momentum as a general anti-government movement that suspending this driving tax is just blood in the water.

I hope so.