Macy’s Anti-Fat People Plates Become the Official Dishes of the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2019

Virulent Neon-Nazis have rallied in support of anti-fat people plates at Macy’s, declaring them the official dishes of the Alt-Right.

Obese people are unamused.

In actual fact, the size of your portion doesn’t really matter, it’s all about what you’re eating. Fat people eat terrible food.

But these plates are angering fatties, so the Neons love them.

Recently, we’ve seen a shift in the Neon scene from hating black people to focusing their hate on fat people.

El Capitán del Odio himself, Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer, recently began a tour of college campus cafeterias where he and his hate-fueled band of miscreants mock fat people and throw boxes of Twinkies at them.

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