Mad Pit Bull Mattis Sucks, Xi is a Cool Guy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2018

This guy needs a good night’s rest I’d say. This whole “madness” thing he’s dealing with is likely a result of sleep deprivation.

I’m real tired of the Mad Pit Bull.

I thought it was cool when he said he was going to fucking kill everyone.

I was like okay sure. That seems reasonable.

But he’s turned out to be a real bummer.

Nothing he says I care about or agree with.


Beijing has no colonial ambitions but will never shy away from defending every inch of its territory, President Xi Jinping told US Defense Secretary James Mattis, amid growing tensions over the South China Sea and Taiwan.

Regarding the issue of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, our attitude is firm and clear. The territory left behind by our ancestors must not be lost. We do not want to share anything with others,” Xi told Mattis in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Washington’s “patrols” of the strategic chain of reefs and small islands in the South China Sea, under the “freedom of navigation” pretext, have repeatedly made Beijing wary of American intentions in the region. During the meeting, Mattis made clear that Washington is adamant in its policies.

“We have a disagreement and I think the secretary was effective in saying these are long-standing principles,” Randall Shriver, assistant defense secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs and who took part in in the meeting, was quoted as saying by Washington Free Beacon.

While the US seeks opportunities to increasingly project its power and ‘defend’ its allies in the region against what it views as China’s militarization of its periphery, Xi noted that Beijing has no history of causing chaos across the globe.

“We will not take the path of expansionism and colonialism and will not cause chaos to the world,” Xi reassured Mattis. “The broad Pacific Ocean can accommodate China and the United States and other countries. China and the United States should promote the development of bilateral relations on the principle of mutual respect and win-win cooperation.”

He doesn’t lie.

Whatever you want to say about these slant-eyed dog-eaters, China literally has a thousands of years long history of not causing chaos.

America on the other hand… not a real good track record for the last 80 years or so. nb4 “but the Hebrew people” – yeah, obviously, but the point remains.

Who cares about the South China Sea?

I don’t. Duterte has said he doesn’t (he goes back and forth, but basically says he’s ready to deal – he wants weapons and sovereignty, he’s a little bit concerned about fishing rights – and China is a dealer nation). It’s possible Vietnam has an issue, but they can make a deal. Whatever.

Xi is a cool guy. He genocides Moslems, he is loved by his people, and he just did a great thing by helping Trump do the Korea deal.

Watch this documentary about how he’s reformed China into a benevolent dictatorship.

All the people love him.

And I legitimately do not believe he wants to rule the world in some aggressive way. China is a merchant nation, not a war nation. They have lost wars to Japan for crying out loud.

Look at the size differential of these countries.

This would be like Texas losing a war with Staten Island.

The Chinese are not a war people.

They are not planning to invade the Flips or Indochina. There is just like, absolutely zero chance that that is something on their minds. They just want control of regional trade routes.

If Xi was acting like a prick, then okay, I get making a thing of the South China Sea. But he isn’t. He did the Korea thing and he’s being really cool about the trade war. A lot cooler than Donald Tusk the whackjob. Cooler by six million times cooler.

I get the point of keeping some form of leverage in this territorial dispute, as it is probably going to be part of a larger deal, but there is no reason for threats. There is no reason to have “I’ll Fucking Kill You All” Mattis out there acting nuts.

It makes a lot more sense to make it clear to Xi that yeah, he’s going to get the Sea, we’re just going to have to work out the details of what exactly that is going to cost him.

Get Duterte and Vietnam on board, just make the deal. Get er done.

I would also keep Taiwan on the table. We don’t have any reason to defend a Chinese rebel faction. Taiwan is not our problem.