MAJOR NEWS – Arab Does Beltocaust in Germany

Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

Oh noes, how terrible!

You know what the worst thing is about Jews flooding us with infinity monkey people?

It’s not the bombings, the trucks that smash into, the murders, the robberies, the thefts, the turning of entire European countries into Moslem rape camps, the filth, the diseases, the alien, the general collapse society… No!

The real worst thing about it that, once in a while, one of the monkey people that the Jews brought is mean to a Jew.



A Jewish teenager wearing a traditional kippah claims he was attacked on a Berlin street by a Muslim assailant who whipped him with a belt in an anti-Semitic attack.

Video of the incident shows the attacker – who was part of a gang of three – repeatedly whipping the teen with his belt while calling out, “Yahudi,” or “Jew” in Arabic, before he is stopped by a passerby.

Israel’s Kan public broadcaster later found the teen, Adam Armush, and interviewed him near his home. He said:

Yeah, I don’t care what this rat said.

The kikes bring these semi-humans in specifically to destroy us, and then even have the nerve to demand that we feel sorry for them whenever they get attacked themselves.

This video is on literally every single media outlet I looked on, every single one.

And yet the non-stop slaughter the Jews’ pets do to White people on a regular basis – you’re lucky if the local media reports it.

And when it does, it’s always just a random crime that had nothing to do with race but was caused by poverty or oppression or whatever other shit they can think of.

Think the Jew York Times ever bothered writing about this?

According to the Judisches Forum fur Demokratie und gegen Antisemitismus (JFDA), which monitors anti-Semitism in Germany, local police have opened an investigation into the attack.

“Just because he wore a kippa, a young Jewish man was reportedly attack on April 17th, 2018, at Helmholtzplatz in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg,” the group said in a statement.

If the “victim” weren’t a kike, the cops would’ve either ignored it or covered it up, as they usually do when the victims are the only people who are actually supposed to be in that country.

Reports of a rise in anti-Semitism are increasing across Germany, with the Homeland Ministry recently agreeing with proposals from Jewish leaders to strip anti-Semitic migrants of their right to remain in the country.

Deputy Homeland Minister Stephan Mayer backed the chairman of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, on the matter as reported by Breitbart London.

He added: “Those people thereby oppose the core values and beliefs of our democratic system.”

In January, CDU and CSU politicians prepared a new draft bill paving the way for the deportation of anti-Semites, stating that “absolute acceptance of Jewish life” is a “benchmark for successful integration” in Germany.

Germany has also been forced to appoint a new special commissioner to tackle the issue of anti-Semitism, and newly-arrived migrants have been warned they must reject bigoted views.

So a group that is less than 0.2% of the population gets all kinds of institutionalized special protection, international media attention for any slight against it even for problems that it proudly and openly caused itself, and anyone who even points it out goes to prison for it.

This is what being a slave nation looks like, and that’s exactly what Germany is today.