Majority of Antwerp’s Middle-School Students are Now Non-White

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
March 4, 2016


In Belgium’s city of Antwerp, over half of middle-school aged students are non-White, for the first time ever.

The latest statistics show that of the 12,300 students, 52.4% are Muslim. These figures vary depending on the part of Antwerp.

For example, in Kiel, a southern district of the city which is known for its “multicultural character“, 83% of middle-school aged students are Muslim.

The more rural parts of the city are still majority White Belgian, like Ekeren where 14% of students are Muslim.

While it is upsetting to think that future generations of White children may be living as a minority, there is an up side to this. It will not be like it is now, where we are collectively allowing ourselves to be picked at by vultures.

We will no longer be fighting each other, we will be united – united against White genocide and the anti-White elite who have forced it on us.