Making Racism Tasty: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Daily Stormer
November 16, 2016


Someone has to stop these whores

The puerility of anti-racist femisluts knows no bounds. They didn’t get their way in the election, so they must protest. If they must protest, then they need their brightest minds to come up with winning strategies to shame whatever demographic they’re angry with at that moment. This time it’s the White women who voted for Trump, despite rampant hatred of the color of the skin!


As protests against Donald Trump continue throughout the country, at least one sign spotted in Chicago Friday calling out white women’s role in the presidential election has gone viral.“Maybe we should add pumpkin spice to racism so white women will care,” Hannah L.’s sign read as she and friends marched across the city.

The message was sprawled across an American flag, which was purposely being held upside down as a “symbol of distress,” Hannah told DNAinfo.


Hey barista, one extra large Lyncher’s Latte with a dash of Zyklon B, please.

This ridiculously idiotic meme “Hanna L.” is trying to seed is par for the course for these wretched morons. It’s one hundred percent meaningless gibberish intended to make women think superficially. The purpose is to get the non sequitur of racism into the thoughts of the observer and associate it with something that’s basically implicitly a White women’s thing, and once you’ve made the association that various and sundry oppressive racisms have been occurring, and racism is bad and White people do all the racism, thus White people are bad, you’re not supposed to think anymore.

Too much thinking about the validity of the racism is itself inherently racist.

It wasn’t even her idea. She stole it from a brown person and changed “avocado” to “pumpkin spice.” This cultural appropriation is also as racist as can be – who needs some bigoted trollop Whitesplaining food/privilege analogies to People of Color?

Hannah, an artist who also works full time in the health care industry and commutes to the city for work, said she had been inspired to create the sign for Friday’s protest after seeing a similar sign that substituted  avocados for pumpkin spice.


tfw some intolerant twat steals your world-changing catchphrase smdh

She said it was meant to be a “snarky, tongue-in-cheek” message geared toward her own demographic: white women. According to the New York Times, 53 percent of white, female voters cast ballots for Trump.

Well, it’s definitely snarky, but that’s about it. As for White women being her demographic, I’m not so sure about that. She certainly could be a self-hating White feminist, but her behavior is more, shall we say, Jewish?

“I wanted something specifically to call out the white women who voted for Trump,” Hannah said. “Myself, I do not have a college degree, I make over a certain amount of money, I am the demographic that supported Trump. I’m it. These are my people who said, ‘I might not be racist, but I don’t think the things he’s saying about you are important enough to change my vote.'”

No, I don’t think they were saying that at all. I think most of them were saying things like “I’m tired of my country going to hell in a hand-basket while we send our jobs overseas and import every worthless non-White who can find it’s way here.

“I think if people are more offended by this than the things that are happening in this country, then to me that’s hilarious and also kind of sad.”


“…hilarious and also kind of sad.”

Hannah also said in response to reports of acts of violence and bigotry across the U.S., including a hate crime incident currently under investigation in her hometown about 70 miles west of Chicago, she is starting a new artistic endeavor called The Day 1 Project

Of course! Fake reports of hate crimes always call for artistic endeavors, how else do you fight the evil racism? And it’s not an attempt to capitalize on racial tension and unrest to further her career as a no-talent artist. How could you even think such a thing, goy?


The swarthy masses of wrongly done minorities can breathe a sigh of relief now

There, Hannah said she will paint portraits of victims of violence that include their stories, in particular groups who have been targeted by Trump and his supporters during the campaign.

“It’s me calling out people of my own race. In a snarky way, I’m not going to say it was all love and flowers — it’s like what the f— is it going to take for you to set aside your own whiteness and your own privilege and actually evaluate?” she said, hoping the portraits would urge those who saw them to empathize with people who have been targeted by Trump and his supporters. “These are the ‘All Lives Matter’ people who can’t get past their own feelings and whiteness.”

There it is in a nutshell. A magical-thinking, virtue signaling SJW. They are every bit as stupid and worthless as the scum they champion at the expense of their own people. Set aside your own whiteness? Get past your feelings and whiteness? Bah!

If I did that my IQ would go down 60 points at least, I’d smell funny, and probably start stealing cigars and choking clerks. So, no, I’m not gonna set aside my Whiteness.

Besides, as anyone with a brain knows, all these “hate crimes” allegedly being committed by Trump and his supporters are either fake, or hoaxes perpetrated by the Trumpophobes themselves.

He voted Trump, so he axed fo’ it!