Making the Case for the Establishment of The Yang Dynasty

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2019

Down about Trump hyping up this attempt to break the world record of number of Jewish cocks a man can fit in his mouth at once?

It’s time to get woke, join the Yang Gang and get $1000 free every month.

Andrew Yang, leader of the Yang Gang, is your man in 2020.

Over the last week, as Trump has repeated this statement that he’s going to bring in immigrants to staff alleged factories, I’ve been increasingly losing the last bit of hope I had in the man. It really feels like having your teeth kicked out, hearing him say this. He’s said it five times now. The first time I was thinking “okay, whatever.” The second time I was increasingly uncomfortable. But by the fifth time, he had pretty much killed any energy I had left for the guy. It is apparent now that this is an actual policy he is going to push and this is something I simply cannot abide.

The Yang campaign is new.

He is taking some typical shitty Democrat positions on the typical Democrat issues – immigration, gun control, etc.

However, his core issue is the fact that society is not attempting to manage the development of robots and other automation technology, and that this is going to lead to an apocalypse if we don’t start addressing it directly.

You can learn a lot more about this from his long Joe Rogan interview than you can by reading his website.

The management of technological society is the issue that I’ve considered the most important since long before I started this website, back when I was in my early 20s and first read Uncle Ted’s Manifesto and the Jaques Ellul books that inspired it (The Technological Society and The Technological System).

I’ve written about this issue here since I started this website, and I think it is the actual issue that actually matters. All of this race stuff, the trannies, etc. – this is just insanity being thrown at us while we’re in the middle of a civilizational crisis.

The analogy would be that you’re trapped in a burning building – and then get kidnapped by a gang of homosexuals. You’re still trapped in a burning building, but you’re going to have to break free of the gang of homosexuals before you can get out of the burning building.

Race and the Jewish social program are the most immediate problem, but they are not the overarching problem. The overarching problem is figuring out humanity’s role inside of the machine we have built.

And in fact, all of these Jewish problems and race problems and woman problems are only problems due to technology. Before urbanization and mass transit, none of these problems actually existed. Historically, the Jews were a nuisance animal rather than an elite class crushing the goyim they rule over. The methods of psychological control are also a form of technology – in the French use of the term “technique,” anything that is perfected to efficiency through science is considered “technology,” and that is what they have done with social engineering. Using mass media to manipulate people into accepting child trannies is a form of technology.

The entire conflict between the systems of Jewish capitalism and Jewish communism was created by Jewish meddling in the attempt to manage the machine. What fascism represented was a goyish alternative to the two Jewish systems being forced on the goyim. This is absurdly obvious if you just go back and look at the names of the people promoting the three options for managing an emerging technological society – yes, there were goyim involved in capitalism and communism, but the top theorists and managers were almost all Jewish. Conversely, there were no Jews involved in fascism. Then you had a situation where both capitalism and communism united to destroy fascism. The entire situation is rather simple if looked at in these basic terms.

Communism doesn’t really exist anymore. And capitalism doesn’t exist in the form it did in the 20th century. Basically, the most Jewish elements of both have been combined to create globalist consumerism, where everyone in the world will be mixed together in a global society where the only purpose of existence is continual economic growth through the production and distribution of entirely pointless consumer products.

Aside from the Jewish drive to exterminate white men, if we anthropomorphize the system the Jews created, it also hates heterosexual white men because they are poor consumers.

I am perhaps slightly more Zen-Buddha than most men, but I live in a single room and the only thing I buy on a regular basis is food. I only buy a phone when I eventually break the screen. I buy 5 $12 t-shirts and a pair of shoes once a year, I buy 5 pairs of jeans about every 4 years. I honestly can’t even understand what people are buying. When I think of what I would buy if I was a billionaire, I don’t come up with anything I would do any differently. I would get a hot shave with a straight razor at the barber shop every morning and buy more organic food and that’s honestly all I can think of.

Meanwhile, women, homosexuals and brown people buy directly into the only thing that keeps the consumerist system running, which is purchasing products that you don’t actually need, but which provide status and/or a dopamine rush.

Given this, the system naturally seeks to eliminate white men.

What’s more is that the process of eliminating white men actually turns them into better consumers. By denying most white men access to sex, they are forced into ultra-competition, which means buying expensive clothing, expensive cars, decking out their homes with trendy furniture, getting tattoos, etc. That is how perfect this system is: it is able to turn bad consumers into good consumers in the process of exterminating them.

Attacking the system directly is logical. If the system didn’t exist, the situation we are in would not exist. It is only the system that has created the situation in the first place. Another system would create another outcome.

What Andrew Yang is talking about is creating another system, and changing the technological society into something that serves man, rather than the other way around.

His core issues are:

  • Jobs are going to disappear, rapidly, and we need to deal with that
  • People are going to have to be given free money (“Universal Basic Income”) by the state because there aren’t going to be enough jobs for people
  • We need to figure out a way for human beings to interact with a rapidly transforming technological society in a healthy, human way
  • The infinite growth model for society is not serving human beings

What is very interesting is that recognizing the fact that the overwhelming majority of jobs are going to disappear in the near future necessarily, and that GDP is a gigantic hoax, means you would be opposed to flooding the country with low-skill workers and the NuTrump plan of “we need people because factories.”

Aside from the fact that white men are dying of fentanyl and suicide and could probably use these jobs, and aside from the fact that millions of truck drivers and other drivers are about to be put out of work by self-driving trucks and could use these jobs, the jobs themselves aren’t going to exist for very long. Soon, all factories will be run by robots, completely. And if Trump is really bringing all of these factories to the US – and I’m not really even clear on how true that is – they are going to have the incentive to automate the factories much more aggressively than they are automating them in Asia. And they are already automating them in Asia.

Mass immigration is completely incompatible with “we’re going to have to give people free money because there isn’t any more work.”

And Yang’s campaign is very young. He is running as a Democrat, but he is not promoting the AOC green socialism agenda, so he is already taking a third position that is unlike that of the other Democrats. There is no reason why he can’t take an anti-immigration stance, and pick-up on the tens of millions of Trump voters who are disenfranchised by his new position of bringing in immigrants to staff factories.

Normal people need to start reaching out to Yang and saying “I’m a working or middle class Trump voter, and at the same time I began losing hope in him, I heard your message. I agree with all of your core issues, but I really don’t see how this can work if you’re going to continue with the Democrat and now Trump position of mass immigration. I really think you have the opportunity to pick up tens of millions of former Trump supporters if you take a position on immigration in-line with what the majority of his voters wanted.”

The man has already reached out to whites directly, which no other presidential candidate has done since George Wallace.

And I seriously doubt he is actually a believer in mass immigration, I think he is simply taking that position because he believes that his message will appeal to Democrats more than Trump people. And that clearly isn’t true. I think it will appeal to white Democrats, but the fact is that minorities already get what amounts to UBI. They have access to all of these different programs, and giving them $1000 a month in total – he has said that any government assistance you already receive, including public housing, will be deducted from the $1000 – would actually lower their monthly allowance from the government.

Nonwhites are also simply incapable of understanding any of the concepts that he’s talking about. His only natural voter base is going to be whites, and he needs to make an appeal to both Democrat and Trump people if he wants to actually win.

I think he is going to be forced out of the Democrat Party anyway. There is no way he will get the nomination. The party is simply too corrupt. However, if we get him into the debates, and get him the attention he needs early on, he absolutely can run third party, and in a three-way split between him, Trump and Kamala, there is a very good chance he would win, if he had the correct support program for his core issues.

In my vision, I would also have him pick Tulsi Gabbard as his VP, and she would be out there going hard on the anti-war stuff, which is overwhelmingly popular. And both Kamala (and every other Democrat candidate) and the NuTrump are aggressively pro-intervention. Being able to get up there on a third party platform and say “a vote for either of these other candidates is a vote for endless war” would be very powerful.

Though there is an outside chance he could win, I’m not really looking at that as the goal. At least right now I’m not. The goal is to inject these issues into the public consciousness. Remember that initially the goal with Trump was not for him to actually win, but simply to get real issues into the public discussion, and whatever the hell Trump is doing now, that goal was achieved.

And I don’t know about you, but journalists telling laid off coal miners to “learn to code” made me about as angry as Jeb Bush telling me Mexicans are “natural conservatives.”

The Democrats have set a requirement that he has to get 50,000 individual donations by May 15th in order to get in the debates.

Right now, as you’re reading this, click that link and send him a dollar. Then send the link to everyone you know.

Let’s at least see where this goes.

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