Man in Gorilla Suit Wearing All Lives Matter T-Shirt Disrupts NFL Game

Info Stormer
October 3, 2016


The man in the gorilla suit got on the field because he blended in with all the Negro football players.

A man in a gorilla suit wearing a t-shirt that said “All Lives Matter” ran on to the field of an NFL game yesterday afternoon. He created quite the scene and was eventually arrested.

It looks like the man in the gorilla suit was Black. Hard to believe, but here’s the photographic evidence to prove it. I guess even some of the Negroes are tired of the Black Lives Matter nonsense. Or who knows, maybe he just did it for the lols.


Even though this was a Black who did this, the incident is going to get a good amount of media attention. I mean, how can it not? He was wearing a damn gorilla suit for god sake lol.