Manchester: New Year’s Allah Akbar Stabbing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2019

The most vibrant way to start the New Year is to get stabbed by a Moslem on a jihad mission.

It signals good fortune for the rest of the year to come for all the people of Britain.


The stabbing spree which occurred in Manchester, England on New Year’s Eve is being investigated as terror-related, police said. The attack left three people injured, including a police officer, and the suspect was detained.

“We are treating this as a terrorist investigation,” Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Ian Hopkins told reporters on Tuesday.

Police are continuing their efforts to identify the man apprehended after the attack and are currently searching an address in the city’s Cheetham Hill area where the suspect is believed to have been living recently.

Meanwhile, the investigators are “retaining an open mind” regarding the motivation for the attack, according to Russ Jackson, assistant chief constable with the GMP.

The assailant began stabbing commuters at a platform of the Victoria train station around 9pm on Monday. Witnesses said he shouted “Allah” during the attack. Sam Clack, a producer with the BBC who was at the station during the incident, described the assailant’s weapon as a kitchen knife with a 12-inch (30cm) blade.

Let’s take a moment to remember who the REAL victims of this attack are.

No, not the people that were stabbed. Oh Lord no, not them. They are privileged oppressors.

The real victims are the Moslems, because people will think they are terrorists simply because they do terrorism.

People just need to relax, and realize that stabbings or not, Moslems are better people than they are.

Everything is under control.

The important thing is that Britain pass more intensive knife control laws, so as the country transfers into an Islamic Caliphate, these things happen more often.

There is simply no reason that British people can’t cut their meat with a spoon.

Or better yet, they can just eat soy.