Martin Lucifer Coon’s Daughter Calls for a Boycott of Waffle House After Series of Nog Arrests

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2018

The Internet keeps telling me that KFC is the North American pavement ape’s favorite restaurant. But if that’s true, how come 9 out of 10 chimpouts – the surest sign of extensive nigger patronage – seem to occur in Waffle Houses and IHOPs?

Could breakfast restaurants have usurped KFC as the nog’s establishment of choice?

Or are Team Breakfast nogs simply more aggressive than Team KFC nogs?

Just think: if Jews didn’t control our institutions, our greatest scientific minds could be investigating these important questions right now.

Regardless, all of that impulsive violence seems to have caught up with our colorful friends, since a series of arrests happened in Waffle Houses over the last few weeks (1,2). And, naturally, it hasn’t taken long before the cries of “dindu nuffin” – initiated by the daughter of a well-known communist and plagiarist – spread across social media.

Daily Mail:

The youngest daughter of Martin Luther King Jr has called for a boycott of Waffle House following two controversial arrests of black patrons.

Bernice King, 55, issued the call for a boycott Thursday on Twitter, referring to the recent arrests of Anthony Wall in North Carolina and Chikesia Clemons in Alabama, both at Waffle Houses.

‘Family, let’s stay out of @WaffleHouse until the corporate office legitimately and seriously commits to 1) discussion on racism, 2) employee training, and 3) other plans to change; and until they start to implement changes,’ King wrote, along with a link to a report on Wall’s arrest.

Yeah… good luck with that.

Telling blacks to stop going to breakfast restaurants is like telling a Indians to stop using America’s streets as an open latrine. Sure, it could happen without the aid of cutting edge medicine that reshapes genetics, but it’s improbable.

I’m sure that Waffle House’s long-suffering staff would be delighted if blacks did boycott the place, though. I can imagine them coming into work each day, beaming with the /comfy/ knowledge that they’re not going to spend the next eight hours dealing with walk-outs, EBT acceptance requests, $0 tips for $60 meals and, of course, the inevitable chimpout after one nog learns that waffles contain gluten.

I bet a lot of IHOP workers would switch employers if that happened, that’s for sure.

Wall, who was dining out after escorting his 16-year-old sister to her prom, admitted in interviews to arguing with servers, but it is not clear from the video what preceded the physical confrontation with the police officer. Wall was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

This policeman needs to be promoted. Now.

In a second tweet, King referred to the April 22 arrest of Clemons, who allegedly made gun threats after she was asked to leave the restaurant for bringing alcohol inside at 2.45am.

Saraland, Alabama Police Detective Brian Mims said that officers were told that Clemons had shouted: ‘Why is you in my business,’ ‘I may have a gun, I may have anything,’ and ‘I can come back here and shoot this place up if I need to.’ The incident occurred just an hour before four were killed in an unrelated Waffle House shooting near Nashville, Tennessee.

Clemons’ dress was pulled out of place while several officers wrestled her to the ground as she struggled against them. She was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

King, in her call for a boycott, wrote about the incident: ‘Ms. Clemons was violated by police. Her breasts were exposed. It barely garnered national attention,’ adding ‘Do #BlackLivesMatter?’

Both controversial incidents took place late at night at the 24-hour chain, and Waffle House has said race was not a factor in them.

So, the usual narrative: blacks act like abusive savages and get treated in the appropriate manner by white policemen, then black leaders – egged on by the kike media – accuse the policemen of racism. Except that this time, those black leaders are accusing the actual establishment of racism, too.

Why? What did Waffle House even do?

As far as I can tell, Waffle House was “involved” to the extent that the chimpouts (and subsequent arrests) simply happened inside two Waffle Houses. It’s not like the employees starting doing a “SQUEAL, MONKEY, SQUEAL” Deliverance thing at the blacks while the policemen were handcuffing them.

Though I’m sure lots of them wanted to.

But it’s pointless explaining that to these hive-minded blacks. Waffle House is a symbol of Republican-voting southern Americana (i.e., whiteness), thus they consider it an inherently racist establishment that wants to oppress them.

And that’s all there is to it.