Marvel Employee Calls Comic Readers “Trash” for Opposing SJWs

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2018

What a surprise, Marvel is staffed by people who hate White males.

After years of comics being pozzed to all hell, we see a Gamergate-type resistance movement forming with comic fans moving to support smaller publishers who don’t hate their own target audience.

Naturally, Marvel needs to SHUT IT DOWN as soon as possible, or else their own sales are going to drop even further.

Just a few months ago, an independent comic, Jawbreakers, was released after being funded on Indiegogo for over $300,000, and it topped the charts, selling more than most Marvel and DC releases.

The author is a promoter of the #ComicsGate movement, which is a revolt against the pushing of SJW propaganda in comic books.

While it definitely wasn’t an Alt-Right comic, it focused on a normal superhero plot with no pointless SJW nonsense.

This led to many comic book stores boycotting it, and even banning customers who tried to purchase comics from the author.

Moreover, a comic book forum, CBR, banned all discussion of this work.

Needless to say, Marvel employees are not thrilled about #ComicsGate.

One Angry Gamer:

If you’ve grown exhausted with all of the sociopolitical warring, Twitter slapfights, and comic book creators lording over the fandom with belligerence, denigration and surliness, you’ve probably either stopped reading comics or likely joined #ComicsGate to support independent comic book artists. If you happen to be an individual who falls into the latter camp, Marvel Comics colorist, Tamra Bonvillain, thinks you’re “trash”.

In a tweet published on July 12th, 2018, Tamra Bonvillain, a colorist for comics such as Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur, America Chavez, and Exiles, as displayed on the Marvel comic book creators database, noted that #ComicsGate was “trash” and anyone supporting it is “trash”.

Tamra Bonvillain or… Bond villain?

She’d fit right in tbh.

But it doesn’t stop there. Not only is she calling her own audience “trash,” this dumb bitch even went so far as to directly try to financially undermine her detractors, right in public.

This was obviously followed by a number of tweets from those in the Social Justice Warrior community who agreed with Bonvillain, and those who have been supporting #ComicsGate who disagreed with Bonvillain.

This prompted for an article from Bounding Into Comics, where they called out Bonvillain for furthering the rift between creators and consumers by napalming the social media spaces with polemics.

Bonvillain responded on Twitter by telling those on social media to be “aware” of Bounding Into Comics for associating with #ComicsGate.

This insinuation led to some of Bonvillain’s followers to attempt to get support for Bounding Into Comics pulled by having publishers “freeze” them out of receiving review copies of new comic books.

Basically, if you don’t support flooding comics with trannies, homos, Moslems and feminist sluts, you don’t belong in the comics industry at any level and must be purged.

I guess you can always rely on the Japs for your red-pilled comics.

I’ve never seen a Marvel comic where the bad guy is a Jewish sorcerer who hates the Goyim. Have you?