Maryland: Negroid Confesses to 2002 Murder of White Restaurant Owner

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2018

The only available photo of the killer, Levy Moore.

Why would a negro confess to a crime, especially after 16 years have passed?

We all know that these apes are incapable of feeling either shame or guilt.

Perhaps Levy realized that getting three meals a day in prison, all paid for by the victim’s taxpaying relatives, is a bretty good retirement plan.


The murder of a restaurant manager in Prince George’s County remained unsolved for 16 years until detectives said a suspect surprised them and confessed to the crime.

David McCoy was shot and killed outside a bank in Capitol Heights, but his story didn’t make the nightly news as it happened the day after DC snipers Lee Boyd Malvo and John Muhammed were captured in 2002.

Investigators said David McCoy was followed from the restaurant on the morning of Oct. 25, 2002, and confronted after leaving the bank.

“Mr. McCoy refused to give up the money bag unfortunately and over the struggle for the money bag the subject who had the gun in his hand fired one round which struck Mr. McCoy and the victim fell to the ground,” Det. Bernie Nelson with the Prince George’s County Police Department said. “After falling, the suspect jumped back into the vehicle and upon trying to escape in the getaway car actually ran over Mr. McCoy a couple of times.”

Detectives received a good description of the getaway car and followed solid leads through the years, but the case went nowhere until about seven years ago when they received an anonymous tip.

The caller said they felt terrible about what happened and wanted to tell police who they should be looking for. The tip was good and investigators followed solid leads. They even found the getaway car used in the crime and seized the vehicle. But the case really didn’t come together until detectives took a trip to a North Carolina jail to interview their prime suspect.

“So my partner and I decided to drive to North Carolina and interview him,” Nelson explained. “Surprisingly he provided us with a full confession.”

David McCoy.