Massachusetts: White Female Judge Helps Illegal Immigrant Escape ICE…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018

This is lol.

Please call that child-kidnapping faggot weirdo John Roberts to explain to us how this bitch is completely apolitical and has absolutely nothing but pure competence in the name of impartial law.

Because she’s a judge, right John?

And it’s impossible for any judge to have any form of political motivation, right?

That’s what you said, John.

Those are your words, buddy.

You attacked the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, for saying that a judge was political by saying that no judge is political.

Now fucking explain this shit. 

The Independent:

A judge reportedly allowed an immigrant who was in court on drugs charges to leave through the back door to avoid immigration enforcement officers who had arrived to arrest him.

Shelley Joseph, a judge in the suburbs of Boston, is reportedly being investigated by a federal grand jury over claims she helped the man – Jose Medina-Perez – escape arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) staff.

The incident is said to have happened in April, when Mr Medina-Perez was appearing before Judge Joseph’s court after being arrested on drug charges. Mr Medina-Perez was ordered to reappear before the court on the drugs charges in May, and then allowed to leave.

The Boston Globe said the Dominican defendant had already been deported from the United States twice before.

In the audio recording of the courtroom, Judge Joseph can be heard saying ICE “is going to get him” and “I’m not going to allow them to come in here” before telling a clerk to turn off the recording.

There is then a 58-second gap before the recording begins again. The newspaper quotes two anonymous sources who claim Mr Medina-Perez was then released from custody and let out of the back door of the courthouse.

He scaled a fence and ran away as ICE agents, who had arrived at the Newton District Court to detain him, chased after him, according to the newspaper.

Judge Joseph declined to comment when contacted by US media but now the governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, has called for her to stand down from cases while the issue is investigated.

Mr Baker, who appointed Judge Joseph last year, said the allegations against her were “very troubling”.

“Look, judges are not supposed to be in the business of obstructing justice,” he told the Boston Globe. “I don’t believe she should be hearing criminal cases until that federal case is resolved.”

Massachusetts court rules state judges and staff should neither assist nor obstruct ICE agents.

Wow, they’ve got a specific rule for that.


Would not have thought that anyone would have ever foreseen something like this happening.

But I guess when you’ve got female judges, it’s not that hard to predict.

You see, this is what a good mother – and even a lot of bad mothers, to be honest – would do for her son. It is natural as a mother to look beyond any objective wrong-doing your children may have engaged in, and seek only to protect them. It is instinctive. And even if a mother will say “no” when asked if she would help her child cover up a crime they’ve committed, the majority of them put in that situation will do it.

This is actually a good instinct of women. One of the few. They are naturally prone to protectiveness to the point that they will block out any objective matter and focus on that instinct.

But what women do – particularly insane women, and all women in the professional world are insane by definition – is project their motherly instinct onto random persons and animals that they view to be vulnerable and in need of their protection.

So this isn’t really at all weird that this woman would make this bizarre decision.

On top of their misplaced motherism, women also know that they will virtually never be punished for anything they do, almost no matter what. And that when they are punished, it is significantly less than men are punished for doing the same thing.


This is a big reason why prisons have such a gap in men and women.

That’s one gender gap that we need to close. I mean, if we’re closing gender gaps. Let’s get that one closed up.

It’s hard to imagine this bitch not getting punished for this. But aside from losing her job, she won’t be. And she’ll have this “hero of the brown folk” status when she goes back to private practice, which will drastically increase her business.