Massive Skyscraper in Brazil Burns Down – World Rejoices, Boomers Suspicious

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2018

A shacked up skyscraper burned down in Brazil. This is par for the course in a Third World country.

Personally, I suspect an insurance scam.


An enormous blaze has felled a building in Sao Paulo. Footage shared via a Facebook livestream shows the horrifying moment the fire-ravaged property suddenly drops to the ground.

According to local reports, one man died while being rescued moments before the building came down. A further three people are believed missing, but local authorities have not confirmed the numbers.

The massive fire struck two buildings in Largo do Paissandu on Tuesday, causing one of the properties to suddenly collapse. The neighboring building is still ablaze but fire crews are on the scene.

Although perhaps an anonymous hero put the torch to the skyscraper…

…or maybe ghouls lit it up themselves – by accident perhaps.

The city fire department deployed a total of 57 engines to bring the skyscraper inferno under control.

Preliminary reports indicate that the building which came down was uninhabited, however local merchants cited by Estadao say some people were squatting in the upper floors. The property was previously used by the Federal Police.


Was this yet another 9/11?

Top comment “Riggs” has this to say:

Ahh, they used 911 trick, buildings on fire don’t collapse, and if they do, not completely in a freefall but partially, and not uniformly. Looks like it has been preplanned, and the fire was just to mask the inevitable outcome. Someone or something wanted that building down.

Lol. Sure.

I don’t really want to get too into discussions of 9/11. I don’t know if jet fuel can really melt steel beams. And I don’t know what happened to the third tower. Something fishy for sure.

But there is this…well it’s overwhelmingly a Boomer impulse to blame everything on Deep State machinations, just like in those Tom Clancy novels that they read.

You get this a lot with the conspiracy-Boomer crowd. If the Boomer is an anti-government Libertarian, then everything is a spook operation. Jews subverting their host nation is a government conspiracy to implicate the Jews and take away our freedoms. Brown people chimping out is a Deep State operation to divide us and turn us against one another so that we can all be put in FEMA camps.

Examples abound.

I’m just pointing out that most of the time, you can apply Occam’s Razor to the situation at hand. That means that in a violent Third-World shithole where the homeless occupy entire skyscrapers like modern-day ghouls, using the wallpaper and insulant as kindling and the elevator chutes like porta-potties, an act of nature was bound to happen eventually.

This already happened in the UK as well.

Was that another practice run by the Deep State to commit a false flag?

Or were the savages holed up in the tower responsible for letting a grease fire get out of hand? 

Some people will do anything to excuse the failings of brown people to do basic shit like not burn everything down.

Don’t be one of those people, fam.