Mattis Finally Sending Ghost Recon Troops to the Border! Bloodbath on the Way!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

This is what they wanted to cover up when they faked this idiot bomb hoax.

The calvary is riding in to smash these filthy spics for the whole world to witness.


Defense Secretary James Mattis is expected to sign deployment orders as soon as Thursday that could send 800 or more troops to the border with Mexico to help border patrol authorities stop a caravan of migrants from Central America moving through Mexico to enter the US, according to three administration officials.

The officials tell CNN final details are being worked out including where the troops will come from and their specific tasks.

Several administration officials say it is anticipated that the Pentagon will pay for the bulk of the mission by using active duty troops. It’s not yet clear if the Department of Homeland Security will reimburse the Pentagon.

We are going to have Ghost Recon shooting at little bean children with fully-automatic rifles while hanging out the windows of Toyota pickup trucks.

There’s gonna be guys on Kawasaki dirtbikes shooting down Mexican police helicopters with fully automatic Glocks with hundred round clips.

For the boomer demographic who are mad about sweet Kawasaki dirtbikes, there is also going to be a Harley Brigade, which will be using the ridiculously oversized bikes to do the only thing they could possibly have been designed for: running over Mexican children.

Silenced pistols are going to be held to the heads of stupid wetback peasants in their shacks as their kids look on and the father has to say “don’t cry kids, it will all be okay” in Mexican and then in English the Ghost Recon guy says “you’re right, it will be” and pulls the trigger – then he turns to the bloodsplattered children and says “he should have stayed in Mexico” (note: this scene will take place in central Mexico).

It is going to be an absolute bloodbath.

You know those scenes in action movies when they are starting act II and they say “this is now a rescue mission”?

Well, after cuck Mattis called in these troops and was like “humanitarianism blahbity blah blah blah,” Trump was like “this is now a revenge mission.”

Abandon hope all ye who enter the borderlands.

This is the root of the bomb hoax: they do not want you looking at this bloodbath that is coming down.

Because they’ve realized that this makes people happy.