McDonald’s Bun Supplier Loses 21 Million Dollars After Trump Took Away All Its Illegal Workers

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2017

No freedom for burgers.

The entire corporate world is against Donald Trump because they can’t stand to lose their access to cheap migrant labor. Well, the easy days are over, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

These people have to pay for the crime of hiring illegal immigrants over White Americans. And while they deserve a hell of a lot worse than losing millions of dollars and going bankrupt, it’s a good start.


A West Side Chicago bakery that makes hamburger buns for McDonald’s has been reeling after losing more than one-third of its workforce — 800 employees — in an immigration raid.The owners of Cloverhill Bakery, which opened in 1961 in Galewood and was purchased in 2014 by a Swiss Company, reported they’ve lost $21 million as a result. The bakery used an unnamed staffing agency to make the hires and says it didn’t verify the immigration statuses of its employees, a fairly frequent occurrence in the hospitality and agriculture industries.

If you want to fuck with America, you should know better than to touch our burgers.

We will respond with extreme prejudice. Mark my words.

Bloomberg, which first reported the story, described the action as one the biggest “headaches” a European company has reported in wake of the Trump administration’s focus on undocumented immigrants. There have been smaller raids targeting food businesses, such as in February in Mississippi, where ICE detained 55 immigrants from local Asian restaurants. However, many raids aren’t made public, as ICE won’t confirm their activities. That leads to rumors about the occurrences of raids all across the country, from North Dakota to Massachusetts to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Good. This is all part of the plan.

It’s time these criminals knew fear. Now wherever they are, they have to watch over their shoulder for those ICE vans.

It’s unknown how this particular raid has affected the Golden Arches’s supply chain, but consumer prices will soon be affected, according to Aryzta AG, the bakery’s Swiss parent. The company reported a 7 percent dip in North American sales — “driven entirely by Cloverhill” — for the three-month period after the raid, from September through October. Excluding Cloverhill, the company’s North American revenues increased by 1.3 percent.

As the company fills the vacancies, executives on an analyst call described the situation as similar to opening a new bakery with a brand new workforce. Aryzta runs 24 bakeries in America and Canada.

This is sending a great messages to every company hiring illegal immigrants: it’s time to clean up your act, or we’ll clean it for you. The only reason all these companies are hiring beaners is because they thought they could get away with it forever. If there are actual consequences, they’ll have to start hiring actual Americans again, or be at risk of losing their business.

McDonald’s is now hurting financially because one of their suppliers hired criminal invaders. Hopefully, soon there will be a culture in the business world where companies won’t want to buy from anyone hiring non-legitimate workers, for fear of something like this happening to them as well.

All the dominoes are falling. Soon it’ll be damn near impossible for spics to find employment in the United States, and all incentive to come here will vanish.