Media Hag Calls for Crackdown on Angry White Men Following Shooting!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

Maureen Callahan, a forty-something White woman with a vendetta against White boys

The sheer contempt that White women have for young White men is absolutely staggering.

They’re sociopaths hell-bent on demeaning and degrading their own boys.

All of us have encountered this in the wild in the schools, universities and the Bed Bath & Beyond parking lots: the vicious middle-aged hag. This is what they write about us, given half the chance.

The Gilroy Garlic Gunman celebrated being half-Iranian and attacked “white twats” on his social media, but hey – he’s White enough to provoke a tirade against young White men and call for a crackdown on them.

Maureen Callahan writes for the New York Post:

Less than 24 hours after yet another mass shooting in America, the youngest fatalities a 6-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, authorities said they were still seeking a motive.

It seems the 19-year-old shooter gave us one.

“Why are you doing this?” a witness heard someone shout.

The response:

“Because I’m really angry.”

From those mass shooters who have attacked the innocent before, we know it’s a specific strain of anger — deep, repressed, biblically vengeful — felt most commonly by young men, almost always white, who report feeling alienated, dispossessed, misunderstood, victimized and all too often rejected by women.

Go off, Queen! Tear into these ungrateful incels some more!

Little is known yet about this shooter’s history — and I refrain from using his name, since infamy is part of what these shooters seek — but so far, he fits the profile of those who’ve come before, the rage-induced young men we first encountered through Columbine and later Sandy Hook, Aurora, Charleston, Virginia Beach, the STEM school shooting in Colorado, Charlotte, the Poway synagogue shooting in California, the Louisiana shootings in two parishes, the Sebring shootings in Florida (those last six this year alone), the Mercy Hospital shooting, the Thousand Oaks shooting, the Tallahassee yoga studio shooting, the Jacksonville Landing shooting, the Art All Night shooting in New Jersey, the Santa Fe HS (Texas) shooting, the Nashville Waffle House shooting, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS shooting — and far too many more to mention, but all with one thing in common.

Some of these weren’t even done by Whites but by rando Latinos and Arabs. The Stoneman Douglas shooter was Jewish.

The ever-incubating mass shooter, these young men nurturing their anger through first-person shooter games, violent pornography, through racism and a fascination with guns and violence, is our greatest, most stubborn and pressing threatmore so, I would argue, than Islamic terrorism or Russian hacking or immigration or trade wars.

I’m holding my breath as I read this because it is a real deep dive into how a liberal hag thinks. See, she has no interest in actually understanding why young Whites – the most stigmatized members of our society – are starting to get mad. It’s all about dismissing their concerns and forcing attention away from the staggering stats surrounding non-White crime rates and poo-pooing the actual problems our society faces.

Blacks commit most of the mass shootings.

They shoot up their schools and their projects and their local IHOPs all the time. But we’re assured by the same hags that’s because of poverty and is more like a general cry for help that they periodically give off so that affluent White women can adopt them and bring them into their White neighborhoods.

White boys, on the other hand, can’t be sympathized or empathized with.

Last week, the nation celebrated one of humanity’s greatest triumphs — the moon landing, something once commonly believed couldn’t be done. Perhaps our next moon shot should, paradoxically, be more earthbound: a collective dedication, from the White House on down, to figuring out why young men in the world’s greatest, most prosperous country are so goddamn angry. 

First, she draws a link between mass shootings and white boys that doesn’t exist, then she says that this made-up problem is the biggest threat that the country faces. And then, of course, she demands that the White House (which is to blame, of course) do something about it.

Fat chance.

The truth is that while young men are angry, they’re not exactly popping off at random people.

Most of them are just biding their time.