Melbourne: United Patriots Front Rally Disrupted by Violent SJW Thugs

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2015

About 70 members of the United Patriots Front (UPF) faced off against about 300 assorted traitors and degenerates from the group Campaign Against Racism and Fascism at Richmond Town Hall.

The rally was due to begin at 1pm on Sunday at Richmond Town Hall in protest of Socialist Party councillor Stephen Jolly. After only an hour, the peaceful patriots were moved on by Police to prevent the antifas from getting violent and wrecking the place.

The Daily Stormer’s  source who was there on the spot tells us that the United Patriots Front were mainly made up of anti-Moslem types, but there were some who were aware of the Jewish role in the invasion.

There are even more aware of the problem now however, after our man and his group seized the opportunity to speak to as many people as possible about who was funding and stirring up the mob of unwashed degenerate scum that was trying to prevent the rally from taking place.

Only one of the patriots sustained injury during the protest after one among the Bolshevik hordes punched him in the mouth.

The United Patriots Front will not be deterred by the false portrayals of the event being shown in the Jewish owned media.

More protests are planned for July, and we advise all Australian reader of The Daily Stormer to be there.

No arrests were made, however police did find one protester carrying a knife. It was probably one of the antifas, since the media is not saying which group the protester was in.

Here’s a bit of the news coverage of the event.


Local councillor Stephen Jolly said the UPF group was protesting against an anti-racism forum he organised.

Ahead of the rally, the UPF posted on their social media that the rally was to protest the behaviour of the anti-racism group at a previous rally, held in Melbourne’s CBD.

“Remember the reason we are fighting against these mongrels!” the group posted.

“On the 4th April these people assaulted an old lady, disrupted what would have been a peaceful rally, they threw horse shit at the cops and let’s not forget they burnt the Australian flag!

“They do these things and then have the nerve to say we are against democracy, we’re Nazi’s, we’re are criminals!”

The Jew’s only line of defense is, and has always been “shut it down!”

The protesters were not all just anti-Islam. Among them were hardcore Fascists.

9 News:

A line of police officers on foot and on horseback stood between the two groups, with the anti-racism members caught on camera scuffling with police as fellow protesters chanted “f— off Nazi scum”.

UPF said today’s protest was to fight Sharia Law in Australia and was a response to what it called the “left-wing violence” that members of its group experienced during clashes at Federation Square in April over extremism.

Organiser Shermon Burgess, a former member of Reclaims Australia, posted a video to Facebook which explained the group would “protest against the left wing extremists that hate our Anzacs, hate the Australian flag and hate our way of life”.

The rally coincides with an Islamic Council of Victoria community forum in Carlton.

Victoria Police said they expected large crowds and traffic disruptions, and officers would be on hand to maintain public safety.

“Victoria Police respects the right of the community to express their views peacefully and lawfully, but will not tolerate those who break the law,” a statement said.

No arrests were made, however police did find one protester carrying a knife.

Here is some weird video of the event.