Meme Comes to Life: Ted Cruz Releases Video Saying Abortion the Only Issue That Matters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2016

ted cruz sachs fetus

My satire continues to come to life.

I have been mocking the lying wetback slimeball Rafael Cruzman Sachs over his ridiculous pandering to the evangelical cucks, wherein he speaks endlessly of abortion. He has now released a video saying that the only issue that actually matters is abortion.

He begins the video with a Bible verse, then goes on to say that any politician who is wrong about abortion is wrong about everything else. He rambles on, saying that reversing the legal status of abortion is a core value of the Republican party, before attacking Donald Trump.

He closes by mixing Jesus and fetuses together in a type of double-whammy analogy.

Towards the beginning of the video, before he attacks Trump for having changed his mind on abortion, he quotes Ronald Reagan to support his anti-abortion stance.

But whoa there –


As Governor of California, Reagan signed into law the “Therapeutic Abortion Act”, in an effort to reduce the number of “back room abortions” performed in California. As a result, approximately one million abortions would be performed; Reagan blamed this on doctors, arguing that they had deliberately misinterpreted the law. At the time that the law was signed, Reagan had been in office for four months, and stated that had he been more experienced as governor he would not have signed it. He then declared himself to be pro-life.

So Ronald Reagan not only switched his position, but before he switched his position he took actions which led to a million abortions.

But Donald Trump is the worst guy ever, Reagan the greatest.

Who is stupid enough to buy this crap?

Oh, right – same people who buy John Hagee’s End Times Space Jesus materials.


What if I told you… Space Jesus is going to suck you up into the sky as long as you vote for a candidate who will talk about abortion and start a World War with Russia?

These people are grown adults.

Abortion is a nonsense issue. Cruz says he’s going to outlaw all abortions including rape and incest. And retards – “sorry lady, you’re carrying a down syndrome baby and you could abort it, get pregnant again and have a healthy normal baby, but you can’t do that because Ted Cruz made all abortion illegal, even for retards. So you’re just going to have to have your entire life destroyed.”

Who thinks that is actually going to happen? I don’t even think most evangelicals support that.

As I have said time and again, abortion as birth control is a social problem, the result of a sick society. You are never going to be able to make all abortions illegal, but if you start to heal the society, start to remove the factors which make women and girls believe it is okay to kill their own babies, you’re also going to be creating a situation where you have a better chance to change abortion laws and at least reduce access.

As far as not saying he’ll shut down Planned Parenthood – I agree that it’s a bad organization, but the fact of the matter is that abortions are only 3% of what they spend money on.


Donald is already running the general election. Planned Parenthood is something that is important to Democrats. He doesn’t want to be on record saying “I’ll shut down Planned Parenthood.”

He is also a supporter of all the other entitlements, so this isn’t even inconsistent. He’s going to get all our jobs back so it won’t even matter. The country is going to be rich and free of parasite immigrants, so we’ll have more than enough money to be generous with the less fortunate.

I think we can all agree that abortions are bad, but it’s harder to say if it is good or bad for the government to be paying for an organization to give free STD tests to women. My first thought would be that yes, that probably is a good thing for the government to be spending money on, as it is a public health issue. These diseases are communicable, and in other countries STDs are becoming antibiotic resistant. You want as few of these being passed around as possible, I’d think.

The bottom line is: this is all a bunch of ridiculous emotional gibberish.

I know a lot of White Americans feel very strongly about abortion, I know a lot of this site’s readers feel strongly about it. And I agree with you. Beyond the basic immorality of infanticide, this has also been a key tool of feminism, allowing women to escape all consequences for their behavior, and it is bringing down the birthrate and the marriage rate.

But Ted Cruz and any of these politicians who come out with Bible verses and stories of talking to God and so on – these are conmen, playing with things that people hold sacred.

It is a form of spiritual terrorism.