Memetic Monday: Daily Stormer Diner

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

We’ve got another Monday on our hands, folks.

The Daily Stormer’s Monday menu includes a generous side dish of malevolent memes.

These memes were hand-crafted and harvested by highly hateful humans who hate Hebraic hierarchies.

Simmering in aged antisemitic sauce, this racism-roasted dish is garnished with parbroiled patriarchy and is sure to please.

Allow me to introduce your waitress.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Our first course consists of Florida Flambé, glazed groid with ballot bouquet garni.

Voilà, a Democratic Disaster dish!

Tastes good, man.

That kosher salt.

Our second course is Avenatti al dente with battered woman.

Keeping with traditional culinary standards, no Tucks were cucked or ducked during the creation of this dish.

Just to be clear: there are no free burritos here at the Daily Stormer Diner.

Nor do we serve human meat.

We don’t serve orcs, okay?

We don’t do Asian cuisine, either.

Likewise, waifu-texting at the table is considered a faux pas.

As we say here at the diner: “Stay out of the Bento Box.”

It’s Deus Vult, not Desu Vult.

For dessert, we have Oy Vey Sorbet.

Thank you for dining at our establishment.

…Oh, you’re still hungry?

Well, here’s our buffet line.

Bon appétit!

And thus, this week’s Memetic Monday has run its course.

Be careful on your way out!

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way.

Pro-Tip: Don’t let commies cook for you.

For the record, I am thankful for the memes submitted by the BBS Stormer Bros.

‘Til next Monday:  have a good week, folks.