Memetic Monday: February’s Felonious Failures

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2019

It’s a Monday in February.

Yes, there have been a few of these February Mondays recently.

However, there won’t be any more of ’em until next year.

Treasure the moment, I say.

Honor the time we have been given by giving that time meaning.

Now, on the the subject of niggers.

This Black History Month has been similar to many other months in black history.

Specifically, because niggers fucked up (again) and kikes are involved (again).

This was just a bit more condensed, as the individual at the center of the scandal is a nigger faggot kike.

I may be a racist, but that doesn’t mean I hate niggers.

There is no real hatred involved.

We are told that racists seek to injure and strike fear into others, aren’t we?

I’m not like that, though.

When I see niggers, I’m just like, “Why?”

Reasonable answers are elusive indeed.

The futility of seeking the unknowable can drive a man to drink.

These simian scenarios intersect with Semitic scheming, and intensification follows.

Things escalate to the point where even the niggers themselves are asking, “Dafuq?”

The kike says something about Holocaust oppression diversity, and distributes silver pieces.

The negro then says “Shheeeeiitt” and resumes its activities.

That’s another month in Black History – and another February.

February is the shortest month, sure – but it’s okay to be short.

It’s probably okay to cease my meandering monologue, too.

There are memes to be unpacked.

Let’s do that instead.

Starting… right… now.

So much hatred, wow.

Literally sets back human progress by six million years.

See you in March, friends.

Thanks to the BBS Bros for their creations and contributions.