Memetic Monday: Give Hate a Chance

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
May 27, 2019

It’s Monday, the 27th day of May.

923 years ago on this day, someone did something.

Count Emicho had a lot of energy.

Nearly a thousand years later, people are still doing things.

These things are a bit different, however.

Today’s world is certainly more vibrant.

We have a lot of vibrant people enriching our culture by being diverse.

The enrichment is tangible AF.

In spite of all the colorful harmony, hatred somehow continues to exist.

It is one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Diversity is the path toward progress, peace, and prosperity.

You just need to tolerate the lower intelligence, violence, and poverty.

Those who cannot tolerate it are haters.

In today’s world, hatred takes many forms.

If diversity is such a conundrum, surely hatred must be easier to understand?

This may not be the case.

What if hatred was simply defined as the acceptance of facts?

What if hateful individuals weren’t actually angry?

That’s an option, of course.

People cope with realities in different ways.

Being angry is just one option.

Despair and anxiety are other ways to cope with reality.

I don’t personally recommend anger, despair, and/or anxiety.

Superior choices exist.

What is hatred, then?

Hatred is just a word for recognizing patterns and seeing through illusions.

And there we have it: Hatred is easy to understand, and should be embraced rather than feared.

Also, diversity makes no sense and appeals only to retarded faggots.

I am glad to shed light and clarity on these controversial subjects.

I’m also glad to get on with the memes.

You probably are, too.

So let’s do that.

That concludes this week’s collection of memes.

See you in June, frens.

Much gratitude to the Stormer BBS Bros for your contributions of hate-filled images.