Memetic Monday: Merchant’s Mass Media

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

It’s another Monday in Clown World.

Or whatever you call it.

Some people don’t like that term.

They say it barely skims the surface of the dark times we live in and struggle against.

I don’t have a rebuttal to that.

Not enough honest faces out there.

I could swear I’ve seen that “deceitful” face somewhere before…

Oh yeah.

It’s the Merchant.

What’s he selling?

See, this is not a statue I would buy.

I wouldn’t want to model for it either.


This picture of “The Thinker” isn’t a meme, of course.

It’s here to contrast with Boaty’s NPC statue; Chad Thinker vs. Virgin NPC statue, whatever.

Together, they illustrate how far we have fallen.

Consumption of the Merchant’s Mass Media has been a catalyst for the Kali Yuga.

Clearly, times have changed.

Strange as it may be, some people refer to such changes as progress.

That can be an agreeable premise, depending on how one defines “progress.”

If progress means completely eradicating logic, decency, and wholesomeness, then yes!

We are balls deep in progress!

You’re brainwashed, alright? Snap out of it, goyim!

We are heading toward an era of global peace, harmony, and prosperity for all!

The caveat is that your existence is delaying the arrival of this beautiful utopia.

That may sound rough, but it is really painless.

Just indulge yourself in pleasure.

Let’s not look at apathy and atrophy as bad things.

Destroying yourself is not bad.

What’s really bad is people who mock you for destroying yourself.

They’re the ones who have problems, they are full of hatred.

You know who doesn’t have hatreds?

Central Americans.

Let them in.

Make them feel at home.

They have a role to play in the coming utopia.

Be sure to help take care of their medical needs.

Brown women get double oppression points, of course.

Alright, all of that Shlomo-speak was uncalled for.

I acknowledge.

If any of that made you feel hateful, that’s understandable.

And let me tell you: our new Avatar of Unmitigated Rage shares your anger.

Gritty is a ruthless, brutal beast.

He knows.

Got your Gritty fix, friends?


Here are the rest of this week’s memes.


Shoes, lampshades, mattresses, soap bars…

Truly a renewable resource. Not voting for Green Party though.

Anyhow, this week’s Memetic Monday has reached its conclusion.

Until next week, here’s a quote to bear in mind:

Thanks to the BBS Bros. for their meme submissions.

Have a good week, despite the (((circumstances))).