Memetic Monday: NPC Edition

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2018


Yeah. It’s Monday.

…Or it might not be.

Perhaps you were preoccupied on Monday.

Responsibilities, obligations, and whatnot. These things happen, I know.

If that is the case, you ought to gas kikes anyway. You don’t need to wait until next Monday.

I’ve read a fair amount of evil and hateful racist Neon-Nazi literature.

Yet, I can not recall any prose which implicitly stated that Mondays are a particularly auspicious day for activating one’s gas chambers.

Even outside of Neon-Nazi writings, I’ve seen no such claims.

No horoscope stuff like: “Mondays are celestial: if you have ungassed kikes around, quit procrastinating!”

No philosophical guidance like: “When you gaze long into the abyss, make sure it’s not Monday because you ought to be gassing kikes instead.”

So, do it whenever.

Whether or not you want to be a “traditionalist” by using wooden doors on your gas chamber is entirely up to you, friend.

Just think of it as homework.

Don’t just aim for passing grades; go for the gold stars.


But, hey — enough narrative, right?

We’ve got memes to be viewed.

So let’s view ’em.

Quickly, before catastrophic climate change occurs.

We also have a couple of normie memes this week.

More importantly, however:

There’s a new boss meme in town.

And it is apparently causing some people to become quite upset.

Embrace the new symbol of dehumanizing hatred.

And have a great week.

Thanks to the BBS Bros. for your meme contributions.

You always bring ’em, and it is always sincerely appreciated by yours truly.