Memetic Monday: Righteous Rejection of Rats

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

Well, well. If it ain’t ol’ Monday again.

And the hatepixels? They’re back.

Note: It is fully possible to create memes and be a big muscle dude with a parenthesis-shaped monobrow.

Yes, indeed: digital images of pure unmitigated hatred.

This is a recent thing.

Not that I mean to imply that memes were created recently, mind you.

It’s the “digital” aspect that is recent.

Previously, paper and canvas were popular for the portrayal of hatreds.

Printed and painted memes still exist, of course.

However: This is the digital age; we digital now an’ sheeeiit.

And we are here to reap the benefits of that.

The benefits are plentiful.

You like benefits, don’t you?

That was a rhetorical question.  Of course you like benefits.

It’s fine and normal to reject things which have no benefits.


It is not only fine and normal, but completely natural.

TFW you ponder trees being useful beyond their “pissing post” status.

No benefits? Reject it! Simple.

Know this, dear reader:

Life is all about identifying and avoiding or eliminating things that suck.

You willingly deliver yourself into the hands of those who have no regard for your life; what outcome do you expect?

Assimilation, at best?

Welcome to the club.

What you will reap is death: spiritual, intellectual and biological death.

That’s all you get.

Womp womp.

A few minutes ago, you may have been thinking to yourself: “I’d like to see this week’s memes.”

And right now, you may be thinking: “Wait, I’m reading a stilted lecture about reaping and dying or something. Did not ask for this.”

So, I’ll tell you what:

Let’s get to those hatepixels.

…And that’s all for this Monday, folks.

Welcome to October, by the way.

And again, thanks to the Stormer BBS Bros. for their hatepixel contributions.

Have a great week.

And never forget.