Memetic Monday: Rise From Your Grave

Isolated Joe
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2018

Hey. It’s been a while – fifteen months, to be precise.

A lot of stuff has happened during those fifteen months.

Perhaps most notably: Rabbis across the world have collectively imbibed exactly six million gallons of blood from freshly circumcised kikespawn penis.

Whatcha drinkin’, rabbi?

Also, most recently: Memetic Mondays have been resurrected.

“Rescue My Daughter” is code for “Expel Kikes From Your Homelands”

We aren’t all empowered to morph into 8-bit werewolves; yet, we can create memes.

In this edition of Memetic Monday, we’ll go back to the basics.

The most basic question of all is: Why create memes?

We are living in an era where psychological manipulation attempts are densely embedded in all forms of media.

Media saturation itself is marching toward ubiquity.

Those who own and operate the media are generally not our friends.

In fact, many of them would certainly be glad to see us exterminated, if not ruled over as slaves for millenia by a global government of so-called elites.

Memes are a fun way of fighting back in the cultural war.

They don’t like it when we make memes.

Taking mere seconds to observe and understand, a good meme pierces its target before it can be ignored or deflected.

Well-crafted memes gain wide exposure, forcing responses from our enemies.

To be clear: They have no useful responses when confronted with blunt truths.

Their responses rarely go beyond rage-fueled indignant babbling.

They willl make Hitler comparisons and mumble about maturity while pretending to represent all of humanity.

They will point out that our memes are mean, hateful, racist, sexist, misogynistic, and whatever-phobic.

In other words, they’ll play the same old cards over and over again.

The truth is, they have no other cards to play – and we hold the winning hand.

We have truth, creativity, wit, and a copious amount of DGAF.

Wielding these, we ruthlessly mock and shame our enemies, their ideologies, and their hypocrisy.

We expose them, we ridicule them, we humiliate them.

We laugh and smile as we mercilessly slaughter their idols and their sacred cows.

It is healthy to laugh and smile. It is a sign that you have not yet been broken and fallen into despair.

It means you are still willing and able to fight.

Moreover, our enemies constantly feed us with resources to craft into memetic weapons.

Sometimes, it’s their protest props.

Sometimes, it’s their music icons.

Other times, it’s their actions.

There are no shortages of resources and material.

There are only more memes to be made.

And make them, we shall.

As tradition holds, future Memetic Monday articles will feature various programs and websites used to create memes.

Until then, remember: