Memetic Monday: Road to Recovery

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2018


Yeah, here we are again.

You’ve had a whole week to recover from the last Monday.

How’d that go?

If your road to recovery has been a bit bumpy, that’s understandable.

The roads we drive on aren’t always smooth.

You’ll get a few bumps now and then.

As we travel these roads, we encounter a multitude of billboards.

Some of these billboards present enticing offers.

Other billboards advertise various services.

Yet other billboards offer advisories and dire warnings.

By itself, a road does not constitute a journey.

It merely represents a means to travel.

You’ll want a good vehicle, for sure.

A reliable vehicle can help put a traveler’s mind at ease.

Free of mental stress, the traveler may indulge in pondering life’s mysteries.

By contrast, an unreliable vehicle can break down and impede your progress.

You’d be wise to possess a manual for troubleshooting information.

You’ll want a map, too.

Know where you are and how to reach your destination.

Otherwise, you may find yourself at the mercy of others.

As your journey transpires, you will encounter other travelers.

You may even encounter entire caravans of them.

Remain alert for potential hazards.

Respect the rules of the road, and try to stay out of each other’s way.

Plan ahead. Don’t rely on luck.

If possible, prepare for the unexpected by giving yourself extra time to reach your destination.

Take the journey one step at a time, and get an adequate amount of rest.

If you’re feeling beat, yield.

Keep an eye on your finances; make sure you can cover your expenditures.

These traveling tips may prove helpful in the future.

As for right now, you’ve reached your destination.

Memesville: Population, you.


…and thus, this week’s collection of memes.

You weren’t viewing these while driving, were you?

No? Good.

We’re not at the midterms yet, so stay steady at the wheel.

Catch you all next week, after the pumpkin-and-candy festivities.

Much gratitude to the Stormer BBS Bros. for their hatepixel donations.

When Memetic Monday flies high, it’s all due to your supply.