Memetic Monday: Set in Stone

Daily Stormer
July 30, 2018

Long ago, stone carvers were revered for their meme-crafting abilities.

There are other uses for stones, of course.

Yes, stoning THOTs is a legal option in cultures more vibrant than observed in the Western World.

Ignoring them is one option.

As demonstrated by the vast majority of #MeToo targets, kikes have a difficult time resisting THOTS.

If you personally find it difficult to ignore THOTs, don’t fret:  the standards of beauty are changing dramatically.

When it comes to new beauty standards, melanin is in.

Brains never have been a part of the equation.

Every man wants his own Maid Maxine, right?


Well, alright.   Let’s move on with this week’s round of selected memes.

Horrible, indeed.

There were a few Rosenstein memes made in response to the previous week’s Memetic Monday.

…And that’s all of this week’s memes.

Have yourselves a good week, friends.

And to the BBS users: Keep the memes a-rollin’ on in. You’ve been doing great.