Memetic Monday: Spurious Scandals, Soyboys and Starvation

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2018

We’ve got another Monday on our hands, folks.

There are memes this Monday, too. Unlike last Monday.

It was tragic. Very sad.

Yet, it was just a week.

It wasn’t, like, 36 years.

Thirty-six years is a long time.

Burt Reynolds was still making Smokey and the Bandit films back then.

My hot take on this:

No one really wants to remember 1982.


I mean, damn.

Not like popular music is any better today, mind you.

But, seriously, WTF. Wow.

That year ought to be musically redacted.

Now, to preempt all of you cyber-sleuths out there, I will make an admission:

Yes, I did cut #15 off that Billboard list.

And, yes: that was Hall & Oates.

They did early 80s THOT Patrol music. So they get a pass from me.

They tried to warn you, those two.

Disclaimer:  “Chinese Commies are the real misogynists!” is not a meme the Daily Stormer is asking you to push.

Got that? Good.  Leave that meme to the soyboys.

Soyboys are a bit like negroes: in very small numbers, they do have some entertainment value (and little else).

But having any more than “small numbers” of them constitutes an existential threat and precedes societal collapse.

Those thick-framed glasses don’t help the soyboys see any clearer.

While the soyboys see vibrant culture-enriching economic miracles, normal people see niggers.

Or nig-orcs.

Starvation isn’t always a bad thing.

In fact, it can be rather appropriate.

That’s enough rambling from me, though.

I reckon it’s time to let the memes do the talkin’.

Here are the rest of this Monday’s selected memes.

And finally, a couple of quotes worth reflecting upon:

And that is all, for now.

See you in a couple of weeks.

lol j/k.

Memetic Monday will be back again next week, so…

Stormer BBS Bro Meme Warriors, onward!

Thank you all for your contributions.