Memetic Monday: Starving Artist Stockpile

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

It’s that time of the week again, folks.

It’s Monday.

Congratulations on making it through another week.

You deserve a medal.

You are a survivor.

With your status as a survivor, you are fully entitled to view another episode of Memetic Monday.

In fact, that is what you are doing right now.

As you may imagine, it’s been a big week for memes.

Amusing things have happened.

Subsequently, some starving artists volunteered to help add meaning to those moments.

Those starving artists shared their work with the internet, and we were given memes.

You know who else was a starving artist?

Yes, that man.


Today, we’ve got exactly six million literal Hitlers online crafting new works of art.

They’re misogynistic AF.

This is pushing the human boundaries of hatred.

If you are not literally shaking from witnessing hatred of such a prodigious magnitude, you’re probably a Neon-Nazi.

Or whatever term may be applied to any individual with critical thinking capacity.

Critical thinking is wrongthink; that’s the thing.

Wrongthink is thought-crime.

You’re not supposed to question the corporate media.

You are supposed to believe what they tell you.

You’re just not supposed to actually understand what it means.

That is how it goes with the kiked-out Fake News media.

It’s nothing new.

It’s been this way, man.

That’s how it is, and an increasing number of people recognize this.

The urge to resist jewish media brainwashing is survival instinct.

Not everyone has this survival instinct, but some people do.

And so, once in a while, kike journalists get body-slammed into ovens by righteous patriotic American lawmakers.

Orange Man approves.

This is why Orange Man Bad.

The malevolent mass media programming leads to a psychotic and suicidal population.

It’s a digital Bird Flu in the Information Age.

We choose not to buy into the malignant media’s illusions of so-called “progress”.

Pogroms for the programmers.

Optical illusions are way better.

Behold!  The animated jpg!

And you know what else is unequivocally good?

Getting on with this week’s memes.

It’s time for the hatepixels to flow without interruption.


And it is now time for this week’s Memetic Monday to ride off into the sunset.

On its lawnmower.

With a can of Monster Ultra Zero in its hand.

Thanks to the 30-year-old Boomer BBS Bros. for their contributions.

I see much appreciation in the comments every week, and I assure you it is all mutual.

Have a good week, friends.