Memetic Monday: That Thousand Tho

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2019

It’s Monday, and I’m muddle-headed.

There’s the usual subversive kike scheming and shadow puppetry going on, of course.

In that sense, it’s just another day of the week.

The depth of their subversion and depravity is more than most people can wrap their heads around.

Beyond merely being tiresome, it can be confusing.

Today is a bit more harrowing than usual, however:

I lost an hour yesterday.

Thanks, daylight saving time (DST).

DST is such a retarded thing that good memes about it don’t even exist.

That’s the best DST meme I could find during a quick search, and it still sucks.

Driving to work before sunrise is okay; driving to work with a bright rising sun in your face isn’t.

As you squint into the open road, you get Chinaman Face.

You do your best to not actually drive like an Asian.

Speaking of which…

This is a thing.

The year 2016 brought The Great Meme War to us.

A few years later, we have entered The Meme Dynasty.

United States presidential candidate Andrew Yang is apparently its Emperor.

Yeah. This is a thing.

Anglin recently wrote an article about why Yang might be a good choice.

Reactions varied, largely due to reasons that most people can wrap their heads around.

As an American Gen-X’er, I can still get by with only one hand when counting the amount of decades I’ve been living here.

Although I do make greater-than-average efforts to understand what’s going on here, I can’t claim to know the way forward.

This country has changed so much, it can seem as though I am looking at current events from afar.

Thus, I can laugh at Yang memes without taking them too seriously.

Maybe I should take them seriously?

Or should I pretend Yang memes don’t exist?

I don’t know.

Hell, I don’t even know who my president is supposed to be this week.

What I do know is that there are still plenty of non-Yang memes in circulation.

Missing hour or not, I’d say that it’s about time to dive into them.

…And that’s all for this week.

Until next week, keep leveling up.

Thanks to the Stormer BBS Bros for their creations and contributions.