Memetic Monday: The Monday Before Christmas

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

‘Twas the Monday before Christmas, when all through the camps
Kikes were transformed into soap bars and shades for lamps;
Mattresses were constructed, composed of jew hairs,
There was hook-nosed food for caged eagles and bears;

The inmates were nestled all snug in their beds,
‘Til Mengele changed their eye colors and shrunk all their heads;
The Nazi guardsmen roused them from their peaceful nap:
“Awaken and die to our mechanical fap!”

Even more fatal than masturbation machines:
Repurposed engines of Soviet submarines;
All revved up and expelling their burnt diesel fumes,
The carbon monoxide filled up fake shower rooms.

Gas chamber deaths, behind wooden doors with no locks.
Corpses into railway cars, with ovens as docks.
The oven salesman’s claim was true and sublime:
“These cremate four hundred kikes in five minutes’ time!”

The ovens were full, the chimneys belched colored smoke,
Blood geysers rose from the ground when given a poke;
Exactly six million of God’s Chosen died,
The piles of shoes are proof, no survivors lied.

Ignore the International Red Cross report,
And if you question their hoax, they’ll take you to court.
Blame for their suffering lies with all of mankind:
“Never forget, goyim! It was real in my mind!”

Ridiculous claims; aren’t they grounds to give us pause?
Might as well decide to believe in Santa Claus!
Speaking of which, I ought to return to the theme:
Merry Christmas to you all! Here are this Monday’s memes.

…And that’s all for this Monday.

Have yourselves a Merry Christmas, friends.

Let the oppressive laughter flow.

Thanks to the the BBS Bros for their meme contributions.

Further thanks to weev, for helping me bypass the technical difficulties which prevented last week’s Memetic Monday from being posted.

It’s time to begin the Meme of the Year discussions, by the way!

The 2018 MOTY will be revealed next Monday, which is New Year’s Eve.

See you all then.