Men Aren’t Even Allowed to Make Funny Gestures in Support of Our Collective Rights, Proving We Have None

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2018

This is a clear-cut case of male oppression, which anyone with half a brain can recognize as such.

This guy did literally nothing wrong.

The Guardian:

The blogger who defaced the Melbourne memorial to slain comedian Eurydice Dixon must do 200 hours of community service for his crime, but has not been sentenced to jail.

Andrew Nolch, 29, pleaded guilty last Thursday to criminal damage for painting a 25-metre long penis at the Princes Park memorial in June.

Nolch committed the act just days after Dixon was raped and murdered, and the night before a public vigil was held. He said he was making “a statement for men’s rights”.

Magistrate Olivia Trumble, who described his actions as “despicable”, sentenced him to an 18-month community corrections order in which he must complete 200 hours of community service.

“The emotional damage of your conduct is immeasurable,” she said while sentencing him. “Your conduct, in my view, is inexplicable and your actions despicable.”

Nolch must also repay more than $19,500 in restitution for the damage.

“I’m an advocate for equal rights for both genders. Not all men are bad,” he told reporters.

“I did the political graffiti because the mainstream media and feminists turned the tragic murder of Eurydice Dixon into one giant political man-hating event.

“This mainstream media propaganda and man-hating upset me so much that I thought I had to make a statement for men’s rights.”

In a normal society, this act of graffiti would be considered reasonable under the circumstances, and he would get a lesser charge than for normal graffiti. Instead he gets like three or four times the sentence for normal graffiti, because of “emotional damage.”

Especially given that this is spraypaint on grass, which I assume is illegal in a public park, but it can’t be that illegal. Next mowing it would have been gone.

Meanwhile, the “people” in America ripping down statues of our ancestors are not being charged with anything at all.

The comedian in question was ugly and I assume a dumb bitch who deserved to be raped and murdered.

Just look at her.

You wanna talk about “had it coming.”


Look at her.

The killer was a white guy with autism.

But the heroic dick-drawer had a good point about that too.

At least they didn’t literally send him to prison for this heroic dick painting, which is what the feminist lunatics were actually calling for.