Merkel Admits Terror Biggest Problem, Tells Germany to Suck It Up

Daily Stormer
January 2, 2016

Tfw you’ve destroyed the German race

Watch the rails on that crazy train, Mama!


Referring to the deadly truck attack in Berlin by a Tunisian asylum seeker, she [Merkel] said it was “sickening” when acts of terror were carried out by people who had sought protection.

She said 2016 had been a year of “severe tests”.

But she also said she was confident Germany could overcome them.

“As we go about our lives and our work, we are saying to the terrorists: ‘You are hate-filled murderers, but you do not determine how we live and want to live. We are free, considerate and open’,” Mrs Merkel said.

I’m starting to think that maybe someone like Merkel being in charge in Europe during the Middle Ages might’ve been what helped spread the bubonic plague. One day, some retarded mayor of some Italian town stood up and said, “Y’know what, we shouldn’t let this new illness determine how we live. We are free, considerate and open and should not discriminate against those afflicted by the disease by stopping people from touching and kissing them, because if we do that, the plague wins. This horrible affliction won’t determine how we live.”

That really is the level of retardation we’re getting to at this point. If a new disease starts afflicting your people (Moslems), you must respond by either getting rid of it or dying. People like Merkel live in a fantasy land where they don’t have to actually fight back against anything, where submitting to your enemies somehow results in them not attacking you anymore.

While we’re at it let’s just open up our houses to all the urban youth

But honestly, even if such a world of non-aggression was possible, would it be desirable? If nothing was ever considered to be valuable enough to fight for, would anything be truly valuable?

If no one is willing to sacrifice everything for an ideal, then that ideal dies, regardless of what Justin Trudeau says.