Merkel Government Might Collapse Over Zombie Apocalypse Thingie [UPDATE: Migrant Deal Reached]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018


She reached a deal in Brussels.

As I predicted below, it has zero substance.


After hours of often-acrimonious debate, European Union leaders meeting in Brussels resolved to create voluntary joint processing sites to restrict refugees’ movement within the bloc while asylum claims are under consideration and to strength efforts to return those who don’t qualify.

However, much of the agreement — which comes amid an ongoing crisis over the influx of mainly North African and Middle Eastern refugees arriving by sea — is voluntary and it remains to be seen whether EU member states will follow through.

Although the deal could count as a win for leaders such as Germany’s embattled Chancellor Angela Merkel, even she acknowledged that there was “a lot of work to do to bridge the different views.”

French President Emmanuel Macron, who was highly critical of Italy for refusing refugees, said European cooperation had “won the day.”

Reuters reports that the final agreement was “full of convoluted language designed to satisfy the divergent views.”

The news agency said, “the leaders agreed to restrict migrant moves within the bloc but made clear virtually all of their pledges would be carried out on a ‘voluntary basis’ by member states.”

They also agreed to tighten their external border and increase financing for Turkey, Morocco and other North African states to prevent migration to Europe.”

On that voluntary basis, EU nations agreed to share the refugee burden by creating “controlled centers” inside the EU to process requests, according to Reuters.

The agreement further calls for efforts to break up people smuggling operations, and to be more aggressive in returning refugees who do not qualify for asylum.

The Associated Press reports that the United Nation’s migration and refugee agencies praised the deal but cautioned that details need to be spelled out and that the African Union’s buy-in is “indispensable.”

lol, even Reuters is calling it gibberish.

I don’t even understand what this is talking about – “controlled centers”? Wtf is that?

And this still means ID checks at European borders. No way around that. Unless some country voluntarily decides not to do that, which is apparently an option for some reason.


The SPD will say “hooray, what a great deal, my queen.”

But the AfD won’t.

And their position will be that much stronger.

Maybe Merkel is doomed after all?

Original article follows. 

Whenever I see stories about how Merkel could be taken out of power, I tend to just blow it off.

The masses of the German people are so completely mindfucked by self-hatred propaganda, and she is the Saint of that new religion of Holocaustism.

She is the one who will lead them to the purification of their souls, to remove the sins that they committed when they killed all those kikes with pedal-powered brain-smashing machines and turned them into soap.

But they keep saying she’s on the brink.

So who knows?


Tempers are flaring at the highest political levels in Europe — to the point that even the typically stoic German chancellor, Angela Merkel, appears on edge.

A clear sign surfaced Thursday morning, when Merkel tried briefing the German parliament about the European Union summit now underway in Brussels. Hecklers kept interrupting her as she spoke about the need for improved border security and keeping migrants who apply for asylum elsewhere from then doing the same in Germany.

Finally, after long stretches of heckling, she stopped speaking, took a deep breath and exclaimed in German: “My God, really?

The issue motivating the hecklers — who are part of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, or AfD — is the same one that’s causing disputes between Merkel and her EU counterparts behind doors: migration to the 28-member bloc from the Balkans, Africa or the Middle East.

Yeah, Balkans is definitely number one on that list.

Mein Gott, echt mal!

Doesn’t even mention “Central Asia,” which is in fact where the overwhelming majority of the first wave in 2015 came from (no, newsmedia, Pakistan and Afghanistan are not “the Middle East”).

They admitted that almost all of the Syrian passports these people had were fake – they admitted factories in Turkey, with the government passing them out – and a maximum of 20% of the 2 million or so that came in that year “fleeing the Brutal Civil War” in that country.

The number of migrants entering the EU is down significantly from where it stood three years ago. Germany, for instance, saw a 70 percent drop in asylum applications last year, according to EU regulators.

Yeah well, what about Italy?

How are they doing?

Obviously, numbers have gone down since 2015, but mostly Merkel is just trapping these wild beasts in much poorer Southern European countries and promoting that as a win for Europe as a whole.

If I was Italy and Greece, I would issue every one of those monkeys an EU passport and a train ticket to Berlin and promptly exit the EU and default on all debt.

At the same time, more member countries are demanding that migrants who don’t have visas be barred from entry. Proponents of the border closure say whether people are fleeing war, oppression or poverty shouldn’t matter. They insist the problem needs to be addressed in the countries those people come from, and claim that the roughly 1.4 million mostly Muslim migrants who have come since 2015 are threatening Europe’s cultural and religious identity.

That is such bullshit.

It’s unbelievable, this media.

There were 2 million or more in 2015 alone. The total number now is well over 3 million since the Merkel Invite Declaration.

They often cite a terror attack by a Tunisian asylum seeker at a Christmas market in Berlin in 2016, as well as the murder of a 14-year-old German girl near Wiesbaden last month by an Iraqi asylum seeker who then fled to his homeland. (He was extradited back to Germany to face charges.)

*14-year-old Jewish girl.

Teenage German girls are getting rape-murdered multiple times per week and it just doesn’t get any attention.

Because hey, fewer Germans is the goal, right?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been especially aggressive with that narrative, referring to the migrants time and again as an “invasion.” Never mind that Hungary for months has only allowed two asylum seekers in per day through its heavily fortified and guarded border fences.

He and other leaders in the EU also don’t agree on who ought to be responsible for the newcomers: the border states where most migrants enter the bloc, the richer countries such as Germany, or a larger group of member states in order to lessen the burden on the EU border states that carry the brunt now.

Merkel and her backers, including French President Emmanuel Macron and EU Council President Donald Tusk, say ultimatums and unilateral actions will only weaken the European Union and not solve the problem. Instead, they say their counterparts should focus on what they do agree upon — like the need for more secure external borders for the bloc and more control over migration to the EU.

The problem can be easily solved by rounding these “people” up and sending them home.

This isn’t complicated.

They suggest creating bilateral or trilateral deals to enforce points they agree on.

The alternative to this solution would be a chaotically advancing closure of borders … as well as growing conflicts among EU member states,” Tusk said. “Some may think I am too tough in my proposals on migrations, but trust me, if we don’t agree on them, you will see some really tough proposals from some really tough guys.”

lol @ Tusk pretending to be the bad cop.

The conflict between member states already exists, and it cannot be fixed.

You people brought all of these animals into Europe. They are already there. They are breeding. There is no solution that doesn’t involve physical removal.

Merkel was equally dire in her speech to the German parliament, saying the EU’s fate depends on whether member states stick to or abandon their core values when dealing with migration. If bloc countries unilaterally close borders or fail to address the reasons why migrants are coming to the EU in the first place, “no one will believe anymore in the our value system that made us so strong.

No one who ever says “are values” ever explains what those are.

They refer you to white papers from the 1950s.

We know the story though.

The reason they are coming is that they were INVITED TO COME.

Their countries are shitholes, and they believe they will gain great wealth by moving to Europe.

Her own fate hangs in the balance, as well.

Fearing a challenge by the AfD in state elections in October, her Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union, are threatening to quit her government over migration. And Horst Seehofer, the party’s leader and Merkel’s interior minister, has laid down an ultimatum to the chancellor: Either return from the EU summit with an acceptable migration deal in hand, or he will use his authority to unilaterally close Germany’s border to many migrants as early as July 1.

Such a confrontation would likely end in his ouster — which, in turn, would could prompt the rest of his party to quit. But it’s a confrontation Seehofer says he’d prefer not to have.

He is a cuck too and this is a bluff and she is going to come back with a “migration deal” that he finds acceptable and it will just be the exact same thing.

Again, the problem is no longer the ones coming in. The problem is the ones that are already here.

He told a German broadcaster Wednesday that no one in his party wants “to jeopardize the government in Berlin, dissolve the parliamentary alliance … or unseat the chancellor” — though he added that her administration must demonstrate to the country that it “had everything under control.”

The party, known by the initials SPD, was reluctant to join the coalition in the first place — so reluctant that it took months of political wrangling, and some pretty hefty incentives, to bring them into the fold. And the SPD remains much more open to admitting asylum seekers and immigrants more broadly than their right-wing counterparts in the coalition.

All this to say: Her two days in Brussels promise to have an outsize impact on the weeks to come in Berlin — a notion she emphasized during her speech to parliament Thursday.

“Europe has many challenges,” she said, “but migration could end up determining Europe’s fate.”

Well, there’s something we agree on.

But the thing is already done.

There is no political will in Northern Europe for a wide scale removal.

But there is in Italy.

I have never been more certain that the EU is going to collapse.

But I do believe Merkel will manage to ride this always to the end.

All the way to being replaced by a Caliphate Sultan.