Merkel to Get a Busload of Invaders Delivered to Her Office

The New Observer
January 14, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will today receive a busload of nonwhite invaders dumped at her office in Berlin, courtesy of a Bavarian district council leader who had threatened to undertaken such an action in November last year.


Peter Dreier, a member of the Christian Democratic Union (Merkel’s own party, the CDU), but elected as a “Freie Wähler” (independent) district councillor in the town of Landshut, had earlier engaged in a furious half-hour telephone conversation with Angela Merkel on the topic.

According to a report in Die Welt newspaper, Dreier had told Merkel that his district could not cope with the flood of invaders, and that he was going to send the “excess” directly to her office.

“If Germany takes a million refugees, then worked out mathematically, my district can take in 1,800. I’ll take that on, but all the rest I will send by bus to Berlin to the chancellery,” he told Merkel during their telephone conversation, adding that the invasion was going to “disturb internal peace in Germany.”

Merkel, clearly not believing him, replied that “If you send buses to me, I would have to return them to Greece, but from there the refugees would just run straight back to you.”

Now, however, Dreier has put his threat into effect. This morning he loaded up 31 “refugees” on a bus in his town, and headed off for the seven hour drive to Merkel’s chancellery offices in Berlin. Dreier is following the bus in his official car all the way, and will be present when the bus arrives in Berlin at 6 p.m. German time.

A report in the Focus news service said he had been driven to this point by the central “refugee” office offloading yet another wave of “immigrants” upon Landshut, even though it had already received 2,100 nonwhite invaders and had now exhausted all spare housing in the area.

The “refugees” on the bus have been fully informed of the situation, and are quite happy to partake in the move. There is no more accommodation for them in Landshut anyway, and they know very well that arriving in Berlin will force the authorities there to give them housing and money, so they are actually enthusiastic about the plan.

“The mood on the bus is expectant and cheerful,” a spokesman for the bus company said.


Dreier said in an official statement that the “politicians far away in Berlin seem to be losing sight of the extent of the crisis. They say that not as many [refugees] are coming, now the problem is solved. But they don’t understand that there is a build-up because the refugees who arrived in the last few months are still there.”

Merkel is not in Berlin at the moment, but Dreier hopes that his move will bring home the fact that Bavaria is now flooded with invaders.


* Meanwhile, the Bavarian government has received its official requested legal opinion on the constitutionality of Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s borders to the nonwhite invasion.

Earlier the Bavarian government had asked one of Germany’s most senior constitutional judges, Udo di Fabio, for an official opinion on the possibility of taking Merkel to the Constitutional Court for violating Germany’s constitution.

Di Fabio’s report, made public this week, found that the federal government is constitutionally obliged to take control of border security when European institutions are impaired—and therefore that Merkel has violated the constitution.

Di Fabio said that the extent of the invasion, and the suspension of the Dublin Convention, means that the German government is obliged to intervene, but had failed to do so in a “historic breach of law.”

The ruling opens the way for a real legal challenge to Merkel’s leadership within a few weeks—and a potential political about-turn in Germany on the “refugee” issue.