Mexican Selling Own Children (Vibrant Cultural Heritage)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2018

You can joke around about vibrant cultural heritages.

But it’s actually true: most brown cultures view children as a commodity. This is not some new thing with the drugs and so on. Selling children is something that makes sense in the mind of a brown person.


Authorities are accusing a Texas mother with a drug debt of selling her 7-year-old son and trying to sell her two young daughters.

Texas Department of Public Safety said Tuesday that 29-year-old Esmeralda Garza of Corpus Christi was arrested Friday.

She remained in the Nueces County jail on Wednesday on a charge of sale or purchase of a child.

Bond was set at $100,000. Jail records did not list an attorney for her.

DPS says that agents were executing a drug search warrant in Corpus Christi when they located a 7-year-old who had allegedly been sold and purchased.

Authorities say two girls, ages 2 and 3, were in the process of being sold.

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports a woman told investigators she bought the boy for $2,500. An arrest report says Garza said she and her boyfriend owed drug money and the child was given to the woman for $500, the clearing of the debt and an additional $700 when the “custody paperwork” was signed.

That might sound like she was getting ripped off when you think about like “this bitch fed a kid for 7 years, gotta have cost a hella lot more than $1200.”

But then you remember the white American taxpayer paid for the food. And all the medical care. And the housing. Of this brown child.

So that $1200 is straight up clean profit.

But yeah, we should maybe think about whether or not drug dealers taking people’s children in exchange for debts is something we like having in our society. My thing is that this is probably a negative kind of “cultural enrichment.”

And we should remember that we are paying for this. It isn’t free enrichment.

Amren has been doing comprehensive breakdowns of the welfare numbers along with their Color of Crime stuff for decades now.

Speaking of paying for brown people’s shit…

The J-left has no real positive arguments for this.

They just attack anyone who disagrees as evil.

And so the conservative response is to say “no you’re really the evil ones.”

Which I think is okay, but shouldn’t be the primary bit. The primary bit should be focusing on cuckoldry – “you are paying for someone else’s children, this isn’t benefiting you in any way, they are killing us, raping us and doing a bunch of weird, gross shit like selling their babies to each other for drugs.”

Roy Batty wrote a classic piece on this you should read or read again.

It only really works on men, but it definitely does work.

If you are talking to a libshit, let them do their whole thing. Explain their whole belief system. Listen to it, attentively. Let them feel smart (you know they all think they came to these conclusions themselves). Ask them questions and don’t try to argue, let them get the whole thing out.

And then just say: “okay, well, I understand your philosophy. But my question is: what are you getting out of this? Because it seems like you are promoting an ideology that only benefits others, and harms yourself.”

They will then struggle with that. I’m sure they will struggle with it. But will ultimately say something like “because it’s the right thing.”

Then say something along the lines of “so basically, you have kind of a Christian type philosophy, where the purpose of your life is to serve others?”

And that my friends will really blow their minds. Because all libshits hate Christianity.

Of course, we understand that Christian values were traditionally about taking care of your own community, not foreign hordes of savages, but nonetheless, it is accurate that the desire to help all of these brown people, women, sexual degenerates, etc. is a corruption of the Christian drive to care for others. And they will know that when you say it, on some level.

And this will sit in their brains, this exchange. It will haunt them. They will become less confident in their moral signaling.

When they start arguing in defense of immigration or women’s rights or whatever, that thing you planted in their brain will activate.

Even if they never switch sides, they will be forever demoralized.

Because nobody wants to be a chump.

They actually tried to meme “Trump is a chump.”

It never took off. Because he’s the opposite of that.

He made billions of dollars for HIMSELF then used that wealth and status to become the most powerful man in the world and defend his own people.

So they decided to do “Drumpf” and make fun of his hair and spray tan.

And then alternate, constantly, between “he’s a buffoon”:

And “he’s the incarnation of pure evil”:

I guess the weirdest is when they openly mix the two together:

They’ve actually done the same thing to me in the media – alternating between calling me an idiot loser and a diabolical mad genius capable of manipulating the entirety of internet culture.

They are now tending towards the latter.

Skim these .pdfs there think tanks have decided that the media is too stupid to be able to deal with me, so they simply should not ever report on me at all.

I leaked my writers’ guide to the media so they would reach this conclusion, and get off of my back.

It was a good ride, but we got to the point where the amount of media coverage we were getting, the pressure campaigns and so on, were causing more problems than they were worth.

And we’ve already achieved infamy, thanks to our friends in the media who for some reason thought that giving us non-stop media coverage was a way to “expose” us.

The basic lack of understanding of 4th gen anything is incredible. The ruling J-left elite class has grown so lazy.

Now, we’re working steadily in the darkness again, continuing to build a larger and larger reader base.

And various things that are happening means that we’re going to be back in the media again in a big way in the not too distant future anyway.