Miami: 71-Year-Old Man Stopped from Burning Up Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2018

Now, the interesting thing about this is: he appears to have become a Nazi because of his exposure to Jewish landlords.

He did not, according to my read of this, hate Jewish landlords because he was a Nazi. Everyone in the world hates Jewish landlords, not all of them become Nazis because of this, but many do.

Miami Herald:

A resident at a Miami Beach condo was angry after learning he was about to be evicted so he planned to burn down the building and had one group, in particular, targeted, police say.

Along with gasoline and some of the materials he planned to use to fan the flames, detectives found artifacts with swastikas and books of Nazi ideology inside his apartment.

Miami Beach police said their quick action responding to a tip stopped a condo complex on Collins Avenue from going up in flames Thursday afternoon.

“We are confident the work of our detectives prevented an imminent crisis at 5601 Collins Ave.,” police said Friday morning after the arrest of Walter Edward Stolper on a charge of attempted arson in the first degree.

Police say Stolper, 72, was angry over being served eviction papers and had expressed anger and aggression toward other residents at the condominium on several occasions.

On Thursday, police say Stolper told witness Luis Diaz that he was “going to burn down the building with all the f—— Jews,” according to the arrest report.

According to the affidavit, Diaz said Stolper told him he was going to fill plastic containers with gasoline, pour the fuel down the building’s main line, and ignite the gas. Stolper told Diaz that he purchased two electrical fans “to fan the flames and cause maximum amount of damage.”

Diaz also told police Stolper bought padlocks and painted them red and told him he had intended to place the locks on the condo’s fire hoses to prevent the fire department from putting out the fire.

A resident at the Collins condo, Viannette Justino, told police Stolper had recently been served with eviction papers, but it is not clear why the association wanted him removed.

When Miami Beach officers Raymond Diaz (no relation), Sergio Campos and Fulgencio Medina arrived at the condo at about 5:45 p.m. they saw Stolper in the parking garage moving two plastic containers using a shopping cart. According to the affidavit, police smelled gasoline coming from the shopping cart and Stolper’s car.

Justino told police that several residents “could smell a strong odor of gasoline in the hallways and elevators.”

Police found eight plastic containers filled with gasoline in the garbage chute dumpster that had been tossed down the chute. Gasoline had also been poured down the chute from the 15th floor, police said.

Officers said the gas-filled containers in the dumpster matched the gas-filled containers Stolper had with him in the garage.

Yeah, I mean. They report on this stuff.

But never do they ask the most interesting question: what was going through the mind of a 71-year-old man who decided to burn up a bunch of Jews?

That seems to be the most interesting question. 

But it is STILL TO THIS DAY taken for granted by the media AND academia that some people just hate Jews for no reason and no one has any idea why (maybe they are evil somehow, for no reason) and it is not something that anyone should ever look into trying to figure out.

We are continually told about rising anti-Semitism, and how it needs to be stopped.

But somehow – somehow – no one ever asks the question of why anti-Semitism exists or why it is rising.

This is the only problem – whether it be scientific, social, personal or otherwise – that is assumed to have no cause. And which you are banned from suggesting may have a cause, or even suggesting that we should look into whether there could possibly be a cause.

Why is this? 

The only possible conclusion that any thinking person can draw is that there are people who don’t want you to know what the cause of anti-Semitism is.

I’ll just go ahead and spoil it for you: the cause of anti-Semitism is Semitism.