Microsoft Threatens to Shut Down GAB Unless They Censor Anti-Jew Posts

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2018

Everything must be shut down – NOW.

This new wave of censorship and shuttenings is quickly growing. After Alex Jones was kicked off of everything, Microsoft is now coming after GAB, a free-speech platform which apparently uses their hosting services.


The alt-right is having a bad week. Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube all removed Alex Jones’ Infowars podcasts and pages from their various platforms. Now, Microsoft has put—a Twitter alternative popular with America’s political fringe—on notice.

Microsoft told the service—which is largely an alt-right cesspool of people who have already been banned from Twitter—that it must remove hate speech that incites violence or lose access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, which hosts the platform.

We’ve gone from a user having his accounts banned from various platforms, to a whole platform being threatened by a megacorporation for failing to toe the line.

Microsoft is, of course, a shitlib company, just like every other major tech conglomerate.

It’s said that Microsoft’s Indian CEO has already banned all toilets from their Redmond headquarters, making it a truly progressive and inclusive workplace.

Microsoft pointed to two posts from Gab user Patrick Little, one that calls for the “complete eradication of all Jews” and the other which calls for their death by torture: “After an initial review, we have concluded that this content incites violence, is not protected by the First Amendment, and violates Microsoft Azure’s acceptable use policy,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Motherboard. “Microsoft notified of this substantial concern and advised that it remove this content or respond to Microsoft within 48 hours, or potentially risk suspension of its service on Azure.”

That, of course, is bullshit.

The First Amendment absolutely protects calls for violence, as long as no “specific and credible threat” is involved. Simply calling for the destruction of a race, even by torture, is protected speech.

Nevertheless, the two tweets (“gabs”) in question have already been removed by GAB.

Not much choice there…

So it doesn’t appear like Microsoft is following the American legal definition of what speech is protected or not – they came up with their own definition, which they can then later just change again whenever they want, or when the Jewish pressure ramps up another notch.

This isn’t the first time GAB has censored posts because of pressure from their backend service providers. They previously banned weev over a perfectly legal post:

Gab also demanded that Andrew Anglin remove a post of his after being threatened with a total shutdown by their registrar. The post was just a now classic Heather Heyer meme.

There was obviously no threat of violence there either, let alone a specific incitement.

All this language of “incitement” is obviously a hoax, meant to confuse people into thinking that this censorship is somehow based on a legal requirement, whereas it’s just an ideological crackdown on speech these corporations don’t like.

Expect more of these as this newest wave of shuttenings continues on its destructive path.

NOTE: That wasn't actually Heyer in the teal. She was shown to have not even been hit - or at all touched - by any vehicle. She had a heart attack, apparently due to the sound of the cars crashing.

Her mother admitted the heart attack.

They said that she had "blunt force trauma," though this would have been from the weight of her massively fat body hitting the ground after the heart attack.