Microsoft Turning Xbox One into Full-Spectrum Spying Device

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2018

Innocent gaming device? Or spy for the Jews?

Just what everyone wanted – more of their appliances turning into 24/7 spying systems that record everything they say and stream it to some corporation’s servers for “safekeeping.”

You know what I keep thinking when playing on my Xbox One?

“Gee, ohh, I really wish I could, like, turn down my lights by talking to my game console, or look up the mass of Pluto using voice commands while playing Fortnite.”

Important note: Lol I don’t actually own an Xbox one or play Fortnite. PC master race.

The Verge:

Microsoft’s Xbox One console will soon include support for both Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant and the Google Assistant. Windows Central reports that future versions of the Xbox One dashboard include the ability to enable Alexa and Google Assistant support through a skill on both platforms. Microsoft currently only supports its own Cortana digital assistant, through its Kinect accessory or a headset, but Cortana has a limited set of skills right now.

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid your home’s smart doors are just going to have to remain locked shut until you can beat this level in Halo. Git gud.

The expansion to Alexa and Google Assistant support could mean Xbox users will be able to control their console through both of the digital assistants. It’s not yet clear exactly what features Microsoft will support, but it will likely mean Xbox One owners won’t have to use a Kinect or headset to issue voice commands.

Microsoft Xbox veteran Albert Penello recently joined Amazon to “help figure out how to grow Alexa / Echo presence in gaming,” and if this integration goes ahead then it will be yet another major addition to Alexa’s growing presence across devices.

Is this AI crap going to be everywhere from now on?

At first I thought Alexa was like:

But then it became more like:

Nothing escapes the watchful eye of Alexa the global overlord.

This “digital assistant” stuff is just a warm-up before the start of a new technological paradigm centered around artificial intelligence.

These early systems are based on voice commands in order to do things like manage appliances, order items online, play music or add items to your schedule.

However, as people get used to them, and as these corporations gather more data, functionality can become increasingly automated. The AI will guess when you want to hear music, and what type you want. It’ll order food for you, based on your preferences. It’ll know when its time to stock up on basic items. It can turn on the lights when it gets dark, and turn them off when you go to sleep or leave the room.

It’ll quickly become your perfect virtual waifu.

As this tech becomes more refined, those who control it will own the world. When people no longer buy things themselves, but simply let some AI do most of the shopping for them, then the company which controls that AI has ultimate power to decide what merchandise gets sold.

Editor's Note: It also gives them free reign to socially engineer you in all kinds of new ways without you being aware that it is happening. And on such a massive scale. And extremely rapidly. All it takes is little nudges, based on the massive amounts of data collected about who you are as a person.

All of these tech companies understand this, and that’s why there’s such a gold rush towards digital assistants.

I’d speculate that one of the main reasons these machines are made is simply to gather as much data as possible on users – as well as to acclimate them to the processes involved – in order to get a head start for the second generation of AI assistant systems which will really take the world by storm.

So basically, buying one of these things or installing it on your devices (notice how enthusiastically they’re giving away the service for free?) is basically a vote for which megacorporation you’d like to see ruling the world.

Will it be Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Apple?