MIGA Shills Fail to Deliver the May-Mays

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2019

If you’ll recall, I put out a call for MIGA shills – who are claiming that #YangGang is a forced meme – to deliver their own memes to prove that MIGA is the truth path.

They have failed, spectacularly.

Look at it.

This is fucking disgusting.

How has MIGA fallen so low?

I don’t even want to fix that meme – but I will.

What else is there, MIGA?

Where your boys at?

Where dem memes?

I haven’t seen shit.

“Lost” doesn’t even begin to describe it. “Brutally raped” would be putting it mildly.

You cannot meme MIGA because there is nothing good in MIGA. Literally, nothing at all. Not even basic bullshit promises. Trump is literally not even bothering to make any promises.

He could just lie about a bunch of stuff, but he doesn’t even care enough to do that.

The rest of the anti-bag memes are just half-assed edgecore from ten years ago.

“I don’t want that bag because I hate Chinese people” is not even actually a meme. It is just “WELL WE HAVE TO SHILL SOMETHING!!!!111”

It’s especially difficult because even if you’re just going to say “BUT I HATE CHINKS!” – you have the problem that basically everyone wants to be ruled over by the Chinese if it means not being ruled over by Jews. So the actual meme content of “I hate Yang because he’s Chinese” is “I would rather be ruled by Jews.”

Same with calling him a Chinese spy.

I’m like “yeah, so… Chinese are coming to take America away from Jews? This is bad how?”

And then there is – of course – “if you want $1000 you’re a loser who needs to tighten up your bootstraps with a firm handshake.”

Telling two generations of betrayed young people that they don’t deserve money because they never learned to firmly shake a bootstrap like back in my day when things were harder because the country was 90% white is probably not going to be a winning argument for why people should put Israel first.

I almost have sympathy.

Imagine trying to shill for MIGA and against a fat sack of free money.

It makes me want to vomit just thinking about being in that position.

It’s already known that all of the MIGA memes on /pol/ are coming directly from reddit, and that basically, all of the people involved in spamming MIGA memes are either reddit shills, Jews, Jeff Bezos or paid MIGA shills.

Meanwhile, Yang Gang memes are literally getting better every single minute.

Trump himself has even taken to posting #YangGang memes!

But remember.

We may have defeated MIGA.

But the war for that mf bag has only just begun.

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