“Migrants” Occupy School in Paris, Demanding “Respect”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2016


All they want is little respect.

France has one of the worst racism problems in the White world.

Can you imagine being so callous as to invite millions of people to come live on welfare in your country just so you can be mean to them and hurt their feelings?

Daily Express:

Migrants have been called a “disgrace” as they illegally squat in a school in Paris.

The 150 migrants have taken over the building of Jean-Jaures school since Friday as they seek shelter, electricity, gas and water.

Authorities have labelled the takeover of the school in Paris’s 19th quarter a “savage occupation”.

The chief constable of the area, Jean-François Carenco, has said: “In this country, it is the law that speaks and not force.

“They are attacking a building that is not empty but is having work done to it.

“It is a disgrace. France is a country of refuge, but not a chaotic country.”

Authorities have asked migrants to leave the school, which needs to welcome students after it has been renovated.

Neighbours and the local authority are concerned that the illegal occupation could lead to a possible deterioration of the area and lead to social issues.

But an un-named migrant who spoke to FRANCE 24 said: “You have seen the conditions that we live, it isn’t humane.

“We ask to be given a bit of consideration and respect, that is why we have decided to come to the school.”

All they want is respect and more free money.

Whites, as we all know, have infinity money. So the only conceivable reason they would not give more free money to these unfortunate victims?

Hatred for the color of the skin.