Mike Pence Says Iran is Plotting “New Holocaust” That Would “Erase Israel From the Map”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2019

Not all Nazis wear Hugo Boss.

Never forget the very important duty of the American people: to protect and serve their most cherished allies in Israel from everyone forever because the Germans were once evil.

Daily Mail:

Vice President Mike Pence told a conference of European and Middle East leaders on Thursday that Iran is plotting to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth, and seeks to unleash a ‘new Holocaust.’

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu watching, Pence said in Poland that Tehran poses ‘the greatest threat to peace and security’ in the region.

Iran wants to erase the biggest stronghold of our enemy…


Hours earlier, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that ‘confronting Iran’ is a necessary step for any nation that wants to ‘achieve peace and stability in the Middle East.’

Pence on Thursday denounced a new initiative by France, Germany and Britain to let European businesses keep operating in Iran despite renewed U.S. sanctions designed to hamstring Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

‘It’s an ill-advised step that will only strengthen Iran, weaken the EU and creates still more distance between Europe and the United States,’ Pence said.

The time has come for our European partners to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and join with us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the Iranian people, the region and the world the peace, security and freedom they deserve,’ he said.

Iran endlessly spews hatred against Israel, our most cherished ally. The Ayatollah Khamenei himself has said, “It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.’

Iran… Iran…


Do the thing. Do it.

You’ll be forever remembered as the Bane of Evil.

We’ll take care of the rest of the Jews outside Israel.

Just do it.

Our leaders are preventing people who are not our enemies from destroying our enemies.

Our leaders are our enemies.

No amount of shilling for Israel and for the Jews will make the Jews lay off of Trump even for a bit, and both Pence and Trump are intelligent men, so if they haven’t figured that one out yet they should wake up because 2020 is right around the corner and America is still not back to being great.

They are working towards the long-term well-being of the Jews while America’s demographics keep getting browner.

Them doing it on purpose or out of incompetence doesn’t change what we have to do. We have to keep fighting the culture wars.

Keep tearing the veil down until everyone sees and there’s no place in the world for the Jews to hide.

If our leaders are not fighting for us, the fighting is up to us.

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