Mike Pence Throws Down Gauntlet, Wants to Invade/Overthrow Venezuelan President

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2019

Before this bizarre speech, Mike Pence was the ideal Vice President.

He stayed out of the way and didn’t do much at all.

In fact, to this day, I’m not even sure what a Vice President does or what powers he has. I think he goes to Congress from time to time, but that’s about all I know. Mike Pence contributed to my ignorance and I was grateful to him for that.

But this speech – parts of it bafflingly rendered in Spanish – about restoring Democracy in Venezuela with American support reminded me that Mike Pence exists, that he is a Globalist and that their agenda is still alive and well in Washington.

And I suppose it was only a matter of time until the next war got started. 

At first, it seemed that North Korea was the next target – but they were too hardened and tough to take out without incurring lots of casualties.

Then possibly Ukraine – only Russia really would go ape-shit at that point and tens of millions would die as well.

Syria seemed to be the most obvious next target, only it got too messy and Trump sacked up and pulled rank on the Jews.

I guess that left Venezuela. 

An American intervention still seems distant. But a color revolution seems right around the corner. 

Venezuela’s economy is in poor shape.

Relying on oil to feed a growing class of unemployable undesirables who reliably vote for a Socialist anti-Washington agenda proved to be a solid strategy… while the price of oil remained high.

Since the collapse of oil prices, Venezuela has been barely limping along.

But you all know that already!

What you may not know is the reason that Venezuela has been targeted next by the Globalists.

It is because the infamous Dread Pirate John McAfee has set up his base there. 

McAfee plans to set up a Cryptostate in place of the failing Venezuelan Petrostate, and the Narcostates that every other South American country has.

By doing so, he plans to raise the price of Bitcoin to 100k and help every single HODLer of cryptocurrency finally make it back into the green. Since Bitcoin is the preferred currency of racists, McAfee is clearly just doing this to fund the Neon-Right to flood our coffers with enough crypto that we can finally fund our armed revolution and overthrow the federal government.

Furthermore, McAfee plans to continue funding Neon Terror in America and the West from Venezuela using the proceeds from the vast cypto mining operations he plans to set up there. A sort of South American Ghadafi, if you will.

They even both have the same taste in flamboyant bathrobes.

Needless to say, I was in on the plan and that was why I didn’t sell my Bitcoin holdings all this time.

But Mike Pence decided to step in and foil our schemes. 

He may look harmless… but if you’ve got any crypto holdings watch out! 

Because Mike Pence wants you to stay poor and a slave to your Jew boss for the rest of your life. 

Good luck Maduro and McAffee.

The future of crypto is in your hands.