Mike Pompeo Finally Releases Photographic Evidence of Iranian Threat!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2019

Donald Trump’s Secretary of State has been claiming for weeks that he has secret evidence of a secret Iranian threat. This secret evidence, which allegedly came from the Jewish Mossad, has been used as an excuse for a massive and increasingly more massive military buildup in the Middle East, as it looks like the US is preparing for war.

Pompeo claimed that the Iranians were secretly planning to attack “US interests” and then left it at that.

It is possible that the demon Yahweh transferred the information directly into Pompeo’s brain when he was praying to it at the Jew wall.

Many people were skeptical, because not only would Pompeo not show any proof of his claims, he also refused to even describe what he was talking about. On a trip to Europe, he took government officials into a room and explained to them that there is this great threat, but again refused to say what it was or provide any evidence.

Every single news article about the military buildup mentions this claim by Pompeo, and the media is taking it at face value, without even wondering if he could simply be making it up.

However, on Saturday morning, sensing the direness of the situation and aware that some people are questioning his claims, Pompeo made the extraordinary move of revealing actual photographic evidence of the Iranians plotting to attack America.

Here it is:

I guess we all owe Secretary Pompeo a big apology.

Not even the most jaded war skeptic can question this evidence.

It now must simply be accepted as fact that we have no choice but to launch a massive war against Iran, and utterly annihilate them in the name of human rights democracy.

Call your Congressman now and demand that the US begin bombing Iran!