Mike, Scott and Andrew: Reflecting on Smoke Machines and Thousands of Actors

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

December 6, 2013

Industrial smoke machines: German made.
Industrial smoke machines: Oh, the wonders of German engineering.

No one died on 9/11.” -Simon Shack

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” -John “Smoke Machine” Friend

Last night, I was reunited with Mike and Scott for the first time in a while now to discuss my views on the John Friend smoke machine debacle.

The first hour, we discuss the insanity of these theories, and the need to regulate the message to one which clearly pushes an agenda. We state that due to John Friend’s refusal to put his message in line with an agenda, preferring as he does to engage in hobbyism, having a fun time examining secret mysteries, while continuing to associate closely with a bunch of Jews and people who claim the Freemasons and the Jesuits secretly run the world, we can no longer associate with him.  Though we wish him the best.  And there are no hard feelings.

The second hour is mainly just us catching up, talking about nothing of any particular importance.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and definitely want to try and make this a regular thing again.

Please, give us your thoughts.



John Friend has written up a major piece denouncing the three of us, along with Carolyn Yeager and other plane-huggers, as heretics.  I am glad that he cleared up that he is not talking about no planes, he is just saying that there were no planes.

Anyway, I like John, and as I have said, I have no interest in drama.  My issue with him is purely to do with his bizarre beliefs, and I am disappointed he had to call me “intellectually dishonest.”  I am not that.

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