Mikhail Gorbachev Goes on CNN to Speak Out AGAINST Nuclear War!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2019

Can you imagine being AGAINST the idea of an apocalyptic nuclear war?

It is literally totally impossible for me to grasp this mindset.

The Hill:

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned in a new interview that tensions between the U.S. and Russia could lead to a “hot war” between the two nations.

Asked whether the tensions threatened to lead to a new era akin to the Cold War, Gorbachev told CNN, “I think this should be avoided.”

“It’s good that already all over the world there is a conversation and people are talking, people are reacting, and this is the most important thing,” Gorbachev said.

“Speakers and politicians, people understand that this, the New Cold War, must not be allowed. This might turn out to be a hot war that could mean the destruction of our entire civilization,” he added.

“This must not be allowed.”

Why mustn’t it, Gorby?

CNN of course did not bring someone on to give the counter position and explain why a nuclear war is better than a mulatto tranny nightmare realm.

The media is purposefully silencing pro-nuclear apocalypse voices.

Just so you understand, these are the pros of a nuclear war:

  • End to the trannies
  • Planet ruled by roving WHITE SHARIA rape gangs
  • Only the strong will survive
  • Africans will all starve to death when whites aren’t around to feed them
  • Basically Fallout IRL

The cons?

  • ????????

It is utterly disgusting that these anti-apocalypse voices are allowed to speak without being challenged on their destructive gibberish.

Russians should have just gone nuts on the launch buttons rather than ending the Cold War, and we would be living in the 1980s forever.

Instead, in 1989, this same red dot MF signed a treaty with the traitor George Bush #1 to end the Cold War.

Peace has failed us.

Peace has made us weak.

Peace has made us soft.

We need to try something different.