Millennials and Gen Z Kids Have No Friends and Want to Kill Themselves

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2018

A lot of people on the Alt-Right talk about how they have no friends and that the red pill came at a steep cost.

Thing is though, this isn’t really a red pill related phenomenon.

Normies are just as depressed and lonely as you think you are. And now we have data to prove it.

CBS Philadelphia:

A new study finds people 18-37 years of age are the loneliest and they claim to be in worse health than older generations.

In the study conducted by Cigna, a global health service company, Generation Z (ages 18-22) and Millennials (ages 23-37) make up the loneliest group.

The study also revealed social media use by itself is not the best indicator for measuring loneliness, students are lonelier than retirees and there is no significant difference between men and women, as well as races when it comes to average loneliness scores.

Cigna and Ipsos conducted the online survey of more than 20,000 U.S. adults, using the UCLA Loneliness Scale.

The survey also showed that people who are less lonely are more likely to have regular in-person interactions, they’re in good overall physical and mental health and they’re daily activities are balanced and they are employed. 

In other words, we’ve got two full generations of bug-kids who can’t relate to one another, pop anti-depressants to get through the workweek, get blackout drunk by 8 PM on Friday, watch cartoons on Saturday and visit their psychiatrist on Sunday.

We’re not doing so bad in comparison, fam.

If you’re depressed, friendless, lonely and completely lost about what to do with your life – well, you’re not the only one. But if you’ve made it to our far corner of the internet, you’ve already started  digging yourself out of that hole. So you’ve got that going for you, while they don’t. You know that improving yourself, developing a community of like-minded White people and struggling for a cause you believe in is the key to a life well-lived.

Being red-pilled gives you a goal to strive for – a direction to climb as you dig yourself out of your hole. You’re better off knowing the truth and what you need to do than not and being a hopelessly lost normie, believe me.

And here’s the thing.

In the past, what you would have is an organic community.

The platonic ideal 

And you could never really be lonely.

You were born into a role, you had a place outlined for you. Sure, it might not have been glamorous or cognitively demanding.

But then, most people are simple folk that don’t need much to get by and be happy.

And these communities were organic. Elders, women, children and structures already in place. Loneliness only occurred when a loved one died.

We were happier then. We had a high reproductive rate and an actual culture as well.

Meanwhile, rebuilding a community is hard. Especially when that community consists of alienated young men.

But at least we’re moving in the right direction, fam. We may never return to the White Shire ideal in our lifetimes, but at least we’ve got something to strive for.