Zionist Millionaire Alex Jones Responds to Daily Stormer’s Operation: Jew Wife

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2014

As we knew would happen when we began the offensive, Alex Jones has been forced to respond to the Daily Stormer’s Operation: Jew Wife.  This was the first battle, and we just won.

A caller called in and asked about Gaza, and Alex went into convulsions (literally, see video) attempting to defend his position in support of the Jewish race and their endless slaughter of Arab babies.  He spoke directly about our websites, where we gather with our righteous tribalism and attack him for being a lying tool of the Jews.

He also says that we claim he is a Jew and that he “works for Israel.”  I have never made either of these claims.  Alex Jones in fact appears to be of good racial stock, corrupted by a vile Jewess, brought down into obesity and addiction.  I have also never claimed he “works for Israel.”  I have claimed that his Jewish wife and Jewish children, along with the millions of dollars he makes from his Jewish advertisers and affiliates, put him in a position where he cannot, under any circumstance, tell the truth about the Jew problem.

The caller then started to say that he had seen the people saying that he – and then Alex cut him off before he had time to say “Jew wife.”

The segment ended with Jones screaming, in an emotional fit, about how he doesn’t care about us (he just gets really super angry and yells about us).

“I don’t care!  I don’t care!  I have integrity!  I’m good!  I’m for real!  Everybody knows it!  And I will never join the White supremacists, or crazy – ugggghhhrrrhhh.” he said.

Thankfully for him, his joining us is not one of our demands.  We simply wish to show the people he has tricked with his lies – those who are actually interested in the truth – the way he has abused their minds.  We will do this by flooding your comments section with the truth until you are forced to shut it down.

While he was responding to our offensive, his team put up a picture of Adolf Hitler in the background.  I love this.
While he was responding to our offensive, his team put up a picture of Adolf Hitler in the background. I love that they did this.

Regrettably for Mr. Jones, the torrent has just begun.  Operation: Jew Wife cannot be cancelled, it cannot be slowed and it shall not show mercy upon the weak, fat or Jewish.

You cannot hide, Mr. Jones, and you cannot run.  Your own words condemn you.

You have promoted this stupid Holocaust nonsense, you have smeared and defamed the legacy of Adolf Hitler in the most vile and disgusting fashion, you have spread utter nonsense in place of the truth, confusing the people and causing them to fear reality rather than embrace it.  You have covered up for the Jews at every turn.  And you have sat by and watched babies get slaughtered by the Jew race, and said it isn’t a big deal, going further than any mainstream news outlet in your defense of the most accursed of all creatures.

But Judgement Day is here, Mr. Jones.

Phase Two

All that we must do now is keep the momentum up.  Continue to flood the comments sections of every article – focus on any that you can find about Israel, but also post in the comments of any of the other top articles.

You need not focus only on Gaza.  Holocaust truth is also a powerful weapon against the Jones Jew disinfo machine.  Always talk about the Holocaust.  Always talk about his Jewish wife.  If it is a Paul Joseph Watson article, mention his Asian wife, and ask why he wishes to genocide the White race and if he married an Asian woman because he is endowed like an Asian man.  Talk about Lee Ann McAdoo’s black boyfriend.

We also have a duty to shut down the call-in lines.  I stayed on hold yesterday, but never made it through.  If there are fifteen of us on the line, one of us will make it through.  Just say anything, but make sure it includes “Jew wife.”  For instance, “hey Alex, great show.  I was just wondering about your Jew wife, and what evidence you have for your theory that the Germans gassed six million Jews?”

He is going to cut you off, so just get “Jew wife” in there quick.  He will do the rest of the work himself, because he is presumably so twisted on prescription pills that he just can’t control his own words.  He will go into a rant about how his wife is Jewish, but Jews are great people, and then say that Hamas is the real enemy.

We have already taken over so much of the “truther” narrative, that simply getting him to rage alerts the listeners.

This cause is just.  We defend our race, we defend Adolf Hitler – the only man who ever stood up for us – and we defend the truth.

Once Alex Jones falls, we will have the vast majority of his people on our side.  What we are saying is self-evident.  It doesn’t take a genius to see the Jews.

Nothing can stop us now.

The offensive continues.

Hail Victory.