Mississippi: People Keep Shooting Up Emmett Till Sign

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2018

Emmett Till is a Martin Luther King, Jr. type black hero. Everyone knows now that he was almost certainly attempting to rape a white women, and was rightfully lynched.

Just like everyone knows now that MLK was a communist, philanderer and plagiarist.

But the blacks don’t have any real heroes, because black people don’t do heroic things, so they just have to prop up these fake ones.

Mark my words: within a decade, they’ll bring back Bill Cosby as a black hero and build a statue to him.


Just 35 days after a bullet-riddled Emmett Till sign was replaced, it has been shot again.

If the Emmett Till Memorial Commission were to replace the sign again, it would mark the fourth time it has been replaced.

The sign marks where Emmett Till’s body was recovered from the Tallahatchie River.

Ever since the state began to memorialize Till, first with the naming of a highway after him in 2005, signs commemorating him have been frequent targets of vandalism.

The riverside marker at Graball Landing is the final site on the Civil Rights Driving Tour in Tallahatchie County.

“The Emmett Till Interpretive Center is committed to seeing the sign replaced,” said co-founder Patrick Weems. “We have already begun plans to replace the sign and have notified local law enforcement about the vandalism.

“Our mission is to continue to tell the truth as it concerns the Emmett Till story. We are saddened by these events but are unwavering in our commitment to truth and racial reconciliation.”

Dave Tell, author of the upcoming book, “Remembering Emmett Till,” said tire tracks leading from the site to the riverbank led Sheriff William Brewer to conclude that the sign had been tossed into the Tallahatchie River, just as Till’s body was — “an irony not lost on the local black community.”

Not long after installing a second sign in 2013, the sign was riddled with bullets.

Tell said he believes it is best to leave the sign, rather than replace it.

“The bullet holes bear eloquent witness to the fact that work remains to be done,” he said, “that the memory of Till’s murder still cuts a rift through the heart of the modern day Delta.”

He was not “murdered.”

He was “lynched.”

Big difference.

Emmett Till was a large, adult-sized Negro who was sent to Mississippi from Chicago because his mother couldn’t deal with his out of control behavior. Then he and his negroid gang tried to ambush a white woman alone in a grocery store, with the intent to rape her.

She fled the store, locked herself in the car, grabbed her gun.

Then he got lynched by some white guys, who threw him in the river. His irate mother paraded his corpse around, making a national scene which continues to this day.

The claim by the Jews is that all he did was whistle at her, and she overreacted.

Interesting side-fact: Till’s father was executed in Italy while he was serving in the military – for murder and gang-rape of white women.

I don’t think anyone has ever made the claim that his rapist father was “murdered” wrongly. Pretty sure everyone agrees the military followed protocol there, and he and his negro murder/gang-rape buddies were treated as anyone else would have been.

Point being.

I don’t know if Emmett Till was guilty.

No one knows if he was guilty.

It is too long ago, there was never any real investigation, and it was legitimately a white woman’s word verses the word of a negro (although it is worth noting that none of the negro’s friends who were with him during the grocery store event ever spoke out in his defense).

I assume he probably was guilty – Occam’s Razor says he was.

But you know – whatever.

If this was one single injustice done to one single member of a race of murderous, criminal rapists decades ago… what does that have to do with anything?

White people are murdered every day by black men, and have been for decades. We don’t have highways dedicated to a single one of them. If we did, all of our highways would be named after white people  murdered by black men. Literally, every road in the country – including all of the alleys – would bear the name of one such victim.

Check our race war section, which has five years of such cases – and documents only a fraction of what goes on in this country every single day.

But we’re supposed to be crying about this aggressive nigger – because maybe he really wasn’t THAT aggressive – sixty years after his death?

With multiple news stories about him every week?

No dice, Sholomo.